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PC Update

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The collection is going well. I am a supercollector of Ronnie Lott and Willie McCovey. Over the past couple days I have picked up 4 inexpensive Lott cards on Beckett along with an 06 National Treasures GU /15, an 06 Classics Platinum Parallel /10, a Unocal Phone card, a 92 Stadium Club Promo sheet and a Metallic HOF card - these were all cards I needed for my PC. I also picked up 3 inexpensive McCovey cards on Beckett in addition to the 2000 Greats auto I blogged about a couple days back.

I also collect USC cards, need to see if I can get some memorabilia picks to demonstrate I have reached Supercollector status. I have made a few trades here to bring some cards in and decided to buy some GU Reggie Bush cards on ebay. Had a couple nice pickups - a patch /45 along with a rookie turkey red for about $10 and 2 jerseys along with 4 other cards (needed all 6) for about $6. Also picked up an 06 Lofa Tatupu Sweet Spot Auto for $12.

On another subject, twice in the past week or two potential traders have asked me to pay them to ship the cards I wanted. This seems odd to me, especially since both trades were in their favor by a couple of bucks. I have been actively trading for a couple years (over 150 trades) and this is these are the first times this has happened. Am I the only one that finds this somewhat offensive?