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Tradelist 2 Basketball Auto's & GU (Very Long List)

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Here's my Basketball Auto & GU Tradelist:

Game Use Jersey:
00-01 Fleer Legacy Karl Malone Nba game Issue Jsy
01-02 UD Latrell Sprewell Game Jsy
01-02 Spx Winning Materials Chauncey Billups Dual GU
03-04 SP Game Used Kevin Garnett GU
03-04 UD Finite Darko Milicic Finite Elements Jsy
03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Jermaine Oneal GU Jsy #291/299
03-04 Flair Chris Bosh GU Wave of the Future
03-04 Fleer Hot Prospects Tracy Mcgrady Hot Materials 046/500
04-05 Fleer Throwbacks Carmelo Anthony GU
05-06 Topps Pristine Carmelo Anthony GU #350
05-06 UD Trilogy Shawn Marion cutting edge GU
05-06 Spx Ray Allen Winning Materials
05-06 SP Game Used Ray Allen Authentic Fabrics
05-06 UD Reflections JR Smith Fabrics Swatch
05-06 UD Reflections Baron Davis Swatch
05-06 UD Sweet Shot Jermaine Oneal Jsy #168/250
06-07 Bowman Gilbert Arenas Relics
05-06 UD Sweet Shot Chris Webber GU #051/250
05-06 Bowman Elevation Vince Carter GU 18/79 (Stolen Beex215???)
05-06 Topps Darko Milicic Final Score 021/133
05-06 Topps Darko Milicic Jsy
05-06 UD Sweet shot Martell Webster Jsy #080/125
05-06 UD Spx Steve Nash/Shawn Marion Winning Materials Dual GU
05-06 SPx Winning Materials Richard Jefferson/ Jason Kidd GU
06-07 Ultimate Collection Rudy Gay Quad Jsy #75
06-07 Spx Al Jefferson Winning Materials Dual GU
06-07 SP Game Used Chris Webber GU
06-07 SP Game Used Kirk Hinrich GU Gold #100
06-07 SP Game Used Richard Jefferson Gold #100
06-07 SP Game Used Richard Jefferson Patch #25
06-07 Topps Turkey Kyle Lowry GU
06-07 Bowman Ronnie Brewer Relics
06-07 Topps Turkey Red Josh Boone Authentic Jsy
06-07 UD Spx Antawn Jamison/ Caron Butler Winning Materials
06-07 Topps Big Game Shelden Williams Jsy Relic #74/99
06-07 Bowman Lamarcus Aldridge Dual Relic #094/249
06-07 Topps Turkey Red Patrick O'bryant Relic
06-07 Topps Finest Orien Greene Finest Fact Jsy #1178
07-08 Spx Winning Materials Dual GU Peja/Chris Paul
07-08 Topps Raymond Felton Generation Now GU
07-08 Bowman Acie Law Relics
07-08 Ultra Fleer Marvin Williams Ultra Stars GU
07-08 UD Jason Richardson GU jsy
07-08 Ultra Fleer Michael Redd Scoring Kings GU
07-08 Ultra Fleer Kevin Martin Ultra Stars GU
07-08 Fleer Ultra Jermaine Oneal Scoring Kings Jsy
07-08 Fleer Ultra Ben Gordon Scoring Kings Jsy
07-08 Fleer Ultra David West Heir to the Throne Jsy #037/199
07-08 Sp Game Used David Lee All Star GU x2 #130/199,#175/199
07-08 SP Game Used Andrei Kirilenko Cut from the Cloth
07-08 Topps Stadium Club Sean Williams Tripe Relic #58/99
07-08 Spx Freshman Tandems Thaddeus Young/Crittenton Dual GU
07-08 UD Spx Winning Materials Rashard Lewis/ Chris Wilcox Dual GU
07-08 Spx Triple GU Gordon, Wallace, Deng
07-08 UD Artifacts Brandon Roy Divisional Artifacts #075/100
07-08 Bowman Sterling Brandon Roy Relic Refractor #199
07-08 UD Black Richard Hamilton Dual GU #25
07-08 SP Rookie Threads Strawberry/Noah/Big Baby Triple GU Jsy
07-08 SPx Freshman Orientation Rodney Stuckey GU
07-08 SP Game Used Toni Parker Cut from the Cloth
07-08 SP Rookie Thread Toni Parker Dual GU
07-08 UD Artifacts David Robinson GU #250
08-09 Spx Winning Materials Shelden Williams
08-09 Skybox Rookie Prevue Sonny Weems
08-09 Skybox one on one Carter/Kidd Dual GU
08-09 UD Emeka Okafor GU
08-09 Bowman Jared Dudley GU
08-09 Topps Jarrett Jack Relic
08-09 UD Mike Bibby GU jsy
08-09 Topps Kirk Hinrich GU
08-09 Bowman Daequan Cook Relics
08-09 Bowman Aaron Afflalo Relics
08-09 UD Premier Rashard Lewis Rare Remnants Triple Patch 35/50
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Allen Iverson Dual GU
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Kevin Durant GU
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Lebron James GU
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Andrei Kirilenko GU
08-09 SP Rookie Threads Tim Duncan
08-09 Fleer Courtney Lee Dual GU
08-09 SPx Winning Materials Green/Durant Dual GU
08-09 SPx Ray Allen Dual Jsy Winning Materials
08-09 Fleer Dwight Howard Dual GU
08-09 Spx Winning Materials Jeff Green/Kevin Durant Dual GU
09-10 Topps Antonio Mcdyess Relic
09-10 Topps Charlie Villanueva Relic
09-10 Topps Boris Diaw Relic
09-10 Topps Tim Duncan Championship Material Jsy
09-10 UD Game Materials Andray Blatche GU #545
09-10 UD Game Materials Larry Hughes GU #150
09-10 UD Game Materials Al Harrington GU #550
09-10 UD Game Materials Andre Iguodala #550
09-10 UD Dual Game Materials Okafor/May #150
09-10 UD Dual Game Materials Felton/Drexler
09-10 UD Dual Game Materials Shaq/Olajuwon
09-10 UD Dual Game Materials Prince/Tmac #150
09-10 UD Dual Game Materials Ming/Olajuwon #150
09-10 UD Versus Materials Carmelo/Sefolosha #150
09-10 UD Versus Materials May/Brad Miller #570
09-10 UD Versus Materials Stoudamire/Bosh #600
09-10 UD Versus Materials Felton/Gibson #150
09-10 Pannini Thread Taj Gibson GU#250
09-10 Pannini Threads Chris Paul Century Collection Materials GU #250
09-10 Pannini Prestige Al Jefferson Prestigious Pros GU #100
09-10 Pannini R&S Thaddeus Young GU
09-10 Pannini R&S Jason Kidd GU
09-10 Pannini R&S Rashard Lewis GU
09-10 Pannini Certified Potential Johnny Flynn
Auto Jersey:

05-06 Topps Big Game Andrew Bogut Auto/Hat #099/129
05-06 Spx Francisco Garcia Rookie Auto Jsy #0958/1499
06-07 SP Authentic Andrea Bargnani Auto/Jsy 01/60
06-07 Topps Luxury Andrea Bargnani Auto/Jsy 231/249
06-07 Topps Luxury Box Andrew Bogut Auto Jsy #046/13
07-08 UD Premier Jason Smith Quad Jsy/Auto 74/99
07-08 Topps Trademark Moves Stephane Lasme Auto/Jsy #024/139
07-08 UD Premier Spencer Hawes Autographed Materials Quad Auto Jsy #037/199
08-09 Sp Rookie Threads DJ White Auto Jsy
96-97 Skybox Premium Zan Tabak Autographics
04-05 Ultra Fleer Peja Stojakovic Auto #231/390
05-06 SP Authentic Marquis Daniels Sensational Sigs
05-06 SP Authentic Johan Petro Rookie Authentics Auto 075/100
05-06 UD Rookie Debut Andris Biedrins Debut Ink Auto
05-06 UD Sweet Shot Martell Webster Signature Shots Auto x2
05-06 Sp Authentic Francisco Garcia/ Bibby Sign ot Times Dual Auto #12/50
05-06 UD Ultimate Collection Martell Webster Ultimate Signatures
05-06 UD Trilogy Trimarks Tony Allen, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson Triple Auto #40
06-07 SP Signature Edition Orien Greene Auto
06-07 Fleer Hot Prospects Saer Sene Auto 421/500
06-07 Topps Trademark moves Paul Millsap #037/149
07-08 Topps Finest Marco Belinelli Auto Refractor
07-08 Fleer Hot Prospect Adrian Dantley Supreme Court Auto #25/25
07-08 Fleer Hot Prospect Spencer Hawes Autographics
07-08 UD Sweet Shot Al Thornton #299
08-09 SP Authentic Al Horford Vital Signs Auto
08-09 Topps Co-signers Robin Lopez Auto #183/350
08-09 Topps Signature Sean Singletary Auto
08-09 Topps Signature Yi Jilian Auto
08-09 Topps Signature Thaddeus Young Auto
08-09 Topps Signature Donte Greene Auto
09-10 Bowman 48 Corey Magette Auto
09-10 Pannini Prestige Marcus Thornton Auto #699
09-10 UD Signatures Collection Chris Douglas Roberts
09-10 UD Signatures Collection Al Harrington
09-10 SP Signature Edition Andrew Bogut #01/45
09-10 SP Signature Edition Mike Bibby Ikcredible #48/49
09-10 Pannini Jeff Pendergraph Auto

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  1. 10ballboy's Avatar

    Is this one his RC auto?
    08-09 Sp Rookie Threads Roy Hibbert Auto Jsy #599
  2. Theodor Madison's Avatar
    will any of these help?

    Anthony/ Tmac
    Hughes/Josh Howard
    Yao/ Moses Malone
    Glen Davis/ Ray Allen
    Gervin/ C Anthony
    J Howard/ Shannon brown
    Marvin Williams/ Bibby
    Billups/ TJ Ford
    Amare/ Bosh
    Farmer/ TJ Ford
    Bargnani/ Bosh
    Rodman/ Lambeer
    Al Horford/ Joe Johnson