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Nairb06 Wants

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Here is a list of Cards that i am looking for.

BASEBALL- Rookie Cards, Rookie Card Autos and/or GU, Current Cubs
*rookie cards and Rc autos can be of ANY recent/current Players.

Football- Vernon Davis and Troy Smith GU/autos

Basketball- Derrick Rose and Joakin Noah Rc, Gu /autos

Hockey- Blackhawks, Cam Barker is a BIG +


  1. Nairb06's Avatar
    Also for Football i Collect Matt Forte, Jay Cutler, and maybe some other Bears.
  2. Ron3's Avatar
    got a bunch of cutler rookies a jersey rc of forte and 2 upperdeck rcs of rose.I am a denver bronco fan so i would love to trade 4 ortan gu or auto