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Mr. Val Delory

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I received an autograph request back from a player who played during the 1948-1949 NHL season. His name is Val Delory, and not only did he sign a few of the custom (homemade) hockey cards I created, but he also wrote a full page letter back to me. It's players such as Mr. Delory that motivates me into collecting some of the older hockey players. Not only do they sign quickly, and love to receive mail, but they appreciate a collector and take the time out of their day to respond to some of the questions.

Mr. Delory said that one of his memorable moments during his hockey career was on his 21st birthday when he skated in front of 15,000 hockey fans in Madison Square Gardens (home of the New York Rangers) while the "Happy Birthday" song played. Pretty cool stuff. This was probably his only NHL game!!

His grandson was a San Jose draft pick, just finishing up an OHL career (junior hockey for the Oshawa Generals) and will now be moving into the Florida Panthers organization. I definitely know who this player is, and I believe I have made a custom card for him as well. I have yet to receive his autograph, but if he is like his grandfather and plays in the NHL, it won't be too long after until I add his autograph to my collection.


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    Tan, congrats on it ;)