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After Roy...Brodeur time...

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Having finally sorted out all of my Roy cards earlier this week, I decided to do the same for my second main guy; Martin Brodeur. It took some time, but I did it. I started by importing the checklist to the application Luc made before entering each of the cards I have in my inventory.

Overall, the new winningest goalie in history has got over 4,700 cards, again quite an impressive total! Of those, 534 are autographs and 1,726 have a piece of memorabilia. Impressive number...Ever since I got back into collecting, Roy has been my main focus while Brodeur has been well, almost an afterthought i'm ashamed to say and the numbers do show it...I only have a mere 324 Brodeur cards. Of course there are some nice pieces there but I would love to be able to catch up to my Roy collection...

Here is a link to my inventory:

And some of my favorite Marty cards

In the coming months, I will aim to improve my Brodeur numbers so if you have some doubles or some base and inserts available, please do let me know as I am looking for everything!

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  1. gilleslord's Avatar
    Wow thats great!! I collect just a little bit. I love your collection. Nice. I do buy quite a bit. Was buying mostly retail never got anything that great. So now I buy hobby boxes. Much better stuff. I have probably over 5,000 new cards that i'd like to get rid of some day. Maybe will make a big sale. Will see. I have a tin of montreal canadiens 100th anniversary that I will add to it and others. So if you can give me suggestions I will take it. I have some cards on ebay but surely not great ones like yours. Is there a place to post my ebay web url so people can have a look at my cards for sale? If so let me know. thanks Its nice to see women in this hobby. Love it. diane