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My Little Red Sox Project

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Well I have most of the cards I need to finish off my 2009 Red Sox Rooke Card Project. Any card I don't have, which isn't many now, I will be getting soon. The only card I will be missing is Junichi Tazawa rookie. Unfortunately, it hasn't been made yet so the project is on hold. I have about 15 to 20 autographs and I'm looking to get more. This thing is going to look sick when it's eventually done. I've spent almost 200 bucks on cards which isn't really bad considering the cards that I need for it... David Ortiz, Youkilis, Becket, Pedroia.... When I think about it, at most, I've only spent 25 bucks at most on a card and that was an autographed Mike Lowell rookie and and autographed Papelbon rookie. I'm really excited about a new card that's on the way. It's an autographed Paul Byrd rookie. So what? right? This one, happens to be signed "To John. Best Wishes. Paul Byrd" ... and my name happens to be John. How sick is that???