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Frozen Fire

Set Addition - Tony Esposito

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Tony Esposito

Set: 2007/08 Sweet Shot Signature Saves Puck Signings
Card Number:
Scarcity: 5 (Extremely Rare)
Value: 3 (Mid-Range)
Rookie Year: No
Comments: This is a very elusive card, and does not appear on the checklist. I have only seen a maximum of two of these personally including this one, yet somehow Beckett got enough market information to give it a book value. I can't say for sure if this was inserted into tins or given out as a redemption replacement, and I say the value is mid-range based on what I paid for it but I don't have any record of other sales to be more certain.

Updated 01-06-2009 at 11:44 AM by Inferno

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