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Ebay rant

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I won 3 auctions from one seller yesterday. Got real good bargains IMO.
2002 UD 3X JERSEY Big Unit, Schilling, Luis Gonzalez .01 win $3 ship
2003 Leaf Fabric of the Game Pedro Martinez Jsy #/69 $.01 win $3 ship
2005 Fleer Dual 3 clr patches Torii Hunter/Jim Edmonds $2.25 $3 ship

Of course I sent an email to the seller to ask if any shipping discounts were available as I ask with any multiple auction I win from the same seller and I got this message:

"I am very sorry but the cards that you have bought have been sold to a local card collector. He just opened up a store and was paying half of the BV for an card so I was willing to let them go then. I am so sorry for the inconveinence."

Thats what I get I guess with dealing with sub 98% fb. I gotta stop thinking everybody deserve a chance. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to my vent....Adam FF75.
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  1. scottkoz20's Avatar
    I hope you left a positively negative feedback!