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One Year Review

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It was a year on SCF for me 1/5 I gotta say I just stumbled onto this site and joined since buying and selling cards on the Bay to buy the ones I wanted and boxes was getting to be costly. When I saw people actually trading I knew I had to get in on it...My wife saw the influx of bubble mailers and thought I went on a spending spree ! it took at least a month to convince her it was all from trading...not Ebay !

I made lotsa new friends and that is a bonus I wasn't expecting...I'm happy I found this place and I'm proud to call it home ! Thanx to all the friends and traders from the past year...and I look forward to more this year !!


  1. quiet-things's Avatar
    My account is older than yours by one day
  2. hossa18sens's Avatar
    and mine by 6 days lol Old Houng

    I found the site the same way. And my wife thought the same thing about the mailers lol