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Next up, Grading - Basics

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I see A LOT of questions regarding grading and the various companies. While all grading is subjective by nature, and there have been instances where forgers-scammers and/or big money have in fact duped EVERY single authenticator(Crooks, Greed bring forth this ability)
The companies and their services have a place and merit some consideration. Signature authentication, *Reproductions, *Reprints and a safeguard with the buyback policy

#1)SGC Sportscard Guaranty- Great service all around, has large % of the Pre- War market. I'd use for selling, buying to help alleviate authenticity concerns, and my own collection.

#2)PSA PSA- Nice stackable holder, if for selling, they have the vintage market! Buying and Personal collection(IE: PC) Also, learn about "The Registry" & "Low pop commons"

#3)BGS(NOT the BCCG-Bulk quick sell service for power clients) But Beckett's BGSThey will even draw premium's for pack fresh modern issues if contemplating selling.
#4)KSA(Canada's largest & fairly solid) I would buy, but offer a % off...Selling? I will check
#5)GAI(early & late OK, they had their troubles though, Read here- GAI Splits, read whole story Would only buy for lifetime PC

There are others that I MIGHT have encapsulate my cards for $0.75 in person, but I can't vouch for them, so I can't say yes. I'd spend the money on Toploaders with team bags, magnetic's or single screw holders.

Much more to come on this area.....







Proper Lighting source-

10x Loupe-


Set nuances- ex: OPC and Rough Cuts

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