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a fresh new start

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Hi, everyone I'm Seng and currently located in Wilmington NC. There's one good thing here and that is that I have a local shop that's pretty well know throughout the card trading world. The shop is called Hobby Box and is owned by chris, the youtube box break guy. Anyways I used to collect alot back in 2006 and 2007. When I decided to stop, I sold my collection for a low amount and that was that. I recently started collecting again. Man this hobby is one hard one to stop but what can I say, I love it. Well starting over has been hard but I've been having the bestest of luck that I've ever had with cards. Pulled 2 1/1 in the last 2 months and one of them was a peyton manning out of the 09 absolute. I hope that the rest of the year goes smoothly. Don't worry I know that I'm a rookie on here but i'll get up there someday. I'm looking forward to trading or buying/selling with ya. Very reasonable with prices so just ask if you want something of mine for a lower price. Thanks for taking your time and reading this.