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Wow things have changed in 15 years!

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So here I am, a 30yo married guy who recently started looking through some of his old sports cards. I am getting the itch again, after 15+ years.

For a good 5 years in my teens, from the age of about 10 - 15 or so, I lived and breathed sports cards. In that short time I amassed 20-30,000 cards. Nothing super spectacular at the time but I may have a few decent rookies now.

Anyhow, I have been looking at these forums and the Beckett website and am simply amazed at the sheer amount of cards being released these days. I don't even know where to begin anymore!

I did go pick up some 2010 Topps Baseball packs, a couple boxes (buster boxes?) including 1 2008 Bowman Football (got a Gold Matt Ryan Parallel) and 1 2009 Upper Deck First Edition Football from Target.

Not too bad so far I suppose. Picked the wife up a 2009 Press Pass Racing buster box (is that what they are called?) and she pulled an auto from it.

So here I am, reading and reading and reading and fighting the itch to go plunk a couple hundred $$ on a couple boxes. I do so miss the "thrill of the hunt".

Anyhow, if anyone actually reads this - any suggestions on what are some good/solid sets to go for? I am not sure what focus I want to take, but I'm thinking of trying to get a base set of Topps or Bowman every year and then focus on Cowboys. It's so overwhelming coming back into the "game" :)