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Timberwolves 2641 and counting...

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Today this Tasmanian reached 2641 total Timberwolves cards, not a bad effort for somebody who probably couldn't be further away from Minnesota (and the weather a heck of a lot milder).

Relic cards moved up to 268 in total - won't be long and I will have reached the 300 mark, which I would consider a pretty fair achievement.

So the highlights from today would be my newest KG GU card a dual with Randy Foye - meaning it counts as a Timberwolves card also!

Also added another to the Al Jefferson collection, but I was more stoked to get my first Jonny Flynn cards!

In other news, have been chatting with a US based journalist who contacted me last year about my Timberwolves collection. He seemed to think there was a story in the size of my collection and my distance from Minnesota. It would be really cool if something more did come from it, so hope the pitch receives a warm reception.

I vaguely have this idea of collecting all things Minnesota in the big 4 sports, despite the fact I love my Cowboys, Canucks and A's. Guess it's just one of those random appeals to me. Regardless of what else I do, I think I might start an Adrian Peterson collection, because I do like that kid!

This is Wolvey signing off, peace out!

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