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2/9 - 2/16 Mailweek

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This past week was huge for my Nivar collection. Sixteen new cards to bring my total to 113 total different and topping the 50% completion mark.

New Nivar's:
'03 Absolute Spectrum #'rd to 100
'03 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor
'03 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor
'03 Diamond Kings Bronze Foil #'rd to 200
'03 Donruss Classics #'rd to 1000
'03 Fleer Tradition Glossy #'rd to 100
'03 Topps Home Team Advantage
'03-'04 Just Rookies
'03-'04 Just Rookies Silver
'03-'04 Just Rookies Gold #'rd to 1000
'04 Diamond Kings DK Materials Framed Gold #'rd to 50
'04 Diamond Kings Signatures Bronze #'rd to 100
'04 Donruss Team Heroes
'04 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue #'rd to 50
'04 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White #'rd to 100
'05 Fleer Tradition
Also added an uncertfied signed '04 Bazooka card, my 3rd uncertified auto card of Nivar.

Other new PC additions include:
'99 Upper Deck Retro Inkredible Ivan Rodriguez
'09 Finest Greg Golson Letter Patches: "O", "L", "O"
'09 Finest Blue Refractor Greg Golson Letter Patches: "L", "S"
'08 SP Authentic BTL Rookie Signatures David Murphy: "I" #'rd to 99
'05 Playoff Prestige Xtra Bases Black Francisco Cordero Autograph #'rd to 10
'10 Topps Kevin Millwood Black Printing Plate

I also bolstered my Ranger rookie collection adding various RC's and 1st year cards of Neftali Feliz, Julio Borbon, and Derek Holland.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable wailweek, although I am down to the point where it is hard to find Nivar's I need even at the BMP.

As always, please contact me if you have any Nivar's for trade or sale.