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Football Box Busting Group: New members wanted!

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Greetings and thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Hans and while I'm new to the site- i've been collecting football cards for nearly 20 years now. I'm a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan .

I'm writing this blog in search of collectors who would like to join our new Box Breaking Group. The idea is- we'll start out small: 16 members @ $30 each. Each member selects their favorite NFL team. After the 16 members have been selected- the other 16 teams must be divided amongst the members. We will be doing this by a first come, first serve basis to start- $10 to select your 2nd team from the 16 available (32 total NFL teams). Those who don't want to pay to select their 2nd team- will be assigned one at random from what is left. This will all be conducted on a public forum- most likely here. Once the members have been decided and the teams have been divied- the money will be collected via Paypal, money order or personal check (which take time to clear). After payment is received we will all vote on the 2009 Football product that will be purchased- depending on what is available at my local Hobby Shop (there will be plenty to select from- although since we are starting out small, i'll be staying away from the expensive stuff like UD Black, Exquisite, Triple Threads, National Treasures, etc...).

Example: 16 teams X $30 each = $480. $430 to be spent on cards, $50 to be spent on Paypal fees and packaging/shipping charges. This is a first time format which will be subject to change -/+ before the second time around. Nobody is out to make any money from this. If I have underestimated shipping fees- I will bite the bullet this first time around.

Once the product is decided- a trip will be made to my local Hobby Shop. Next- the boxes will be busted by myself and another member AND VIDEOTAPED! The vids will then be posted on YouTube for member viewing. Lastly- your cards will be shipped and the process will start again. We intend on attempting this once a month if possible.

Get this... nobody loses here! $400+ can buy a TON of cards from a premium product(s). At the very least- you can expect a ton of base cards from your 2 teams and quite possibly multiple parallels, RC's, and/or autographed or memorabilia cards. There will always be some nice pulls here! Not everyone will get exactly what they are looking for- but there is potential for you to end up with some pretty sweet cards for only a fraction of what you would pay to search this many packs!

In the case where a multiple team jersey or autograph card is pulled- the card shall be awarded to the first team represented on the card, starting from left to right and/or top to bottom. In the case of a non specific team card is pulled- the card shall be given to a member selected at random, unless the card has a value of more than $100, such as a Presidential Autograph card or something. In that scenario- the card shall be auctioned off somewhere, with the proceeds put towards the following months Box Break. It's that simple!!

Please take this offer into consideration but HURRY!! The Packers, Vikings, Ravens, Steelers, Cowboys and 49ers have already been selected. Only 10 Spots left!

I'm always open for questions and/or suggestions...



  1. 41keys's Avatar
    Jets and Redskins have just been taken. Teams are moving fast.
  2. 41keys's Avatar
    Patriots are gone!
  3. 41keys's Avatar
    Lions are gone...

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