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It's been a while...

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Been a few months since I posted here, life is pretty crazy with the two little boys. Oldest one is playing t-ball, the youngest is rowdy and demands constant attention. Still been buying cards and doing some trading but the collection is getting a little disorganized.

I hit a MAJOR milestone in my USC collection. I now have over 10,000 different cards of USC football players. My collection includes over 600 autos and almost 700 GU cards. I have actually decided to take a little break on the buying of USC guys, just stick to trading and focus my purchases in other areas.

I have been spending a lot of time trading to complete my 2010 Topps set with all the inserts. I am close to finishing all the insert sets except for the original backed CYMTO. If you have any, drop me a PM. I love the fact I can complete the base set with the purchase of 1 Jumbo box then move onto the inserts. 2010 UD is another story. 2 hobby boxes in and I still need about 200 of the 600 cards. Not sure what I plan to do there.

In addition to my sets, I plan to focus my purchases on my Willie McCovey and Ronnie Lott collections and dabble a bit in Rickey Henderson. I am also slowly picking up baseball HOF autos. I just finished reading Bill Simmons basketball book which has peaked my interest in some of the older basketball players. Picked up a cheap Rick Barry auto and may start picking up some basketball autos for the PC. Also gonna start looking for some Sacto Kings Autos/GU. Mostly the players from a few years back - Peja, Webber (started a PC of him a few years back that has stalled), Vlade, Bibby, etc.

I am also working on getting my base and inserts loaded into Not only do I sell a few (then turn around and spend my sales on singles), it is a good database to pull a list of cards by player to trade.

That's about it for now. Happy trading!