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SCF Fantasy Baseball: Yahoo

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SportsCardForum was successful in filling up a second fantasy baseball league, SportsCardForum League #2, at I went ahead and configured the league into three divisions:

[B]Diamond Kings Division[/B]
Team Name/Manager:
[LIST][*]Single's Hitters/SingleDaddyof2[*]Fitch Wins!/fitchjr1[*]Monstarz Inc./FootballCardFreak[*]PA Potential/sivjosh[/LIST]

[B]Hobby Masters Division[/B]
Team Name/Manager:
[LIST][*]The Stare/moosh[*]Catchn Flies[*]Operation Grandslam/bobsanders2120[*]Iraqi Infidels/comatoad[/LIST]

[B]All-Stars Division[/B]
Team Name/Manager:
[LIST][*]Going Deep/Chargerfan46[*]BoomDogs13[*]Ellsbury Dough Boys/cjs-sportscards[*]JeffKent'sPornstache/UofLnMU[/LIST]
And here are the matchups for [B]Week 1[/B]:

Operation Grandslam vs. Catchn Flies
PA Potential vs. Fitch Wins!
BoomDogs13 vs. Ellsbury Dough Boys
Going Deep vs. JeffKent's Pornstache
Iraqi Infidels vs. The Stare
Single's Hitters vs. Monstarz Inc.

There will be six playoff spots. The three division winners advance to the playoffs but will be seeded by overall standings. Good luck to each team!