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Frozen Fire

Set Addition - Nicklas Lidstrom

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Nicklas Lidstrom

Set: 2007/08 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Puck Signings
Card Number:
Scarcity: 3 (Tough)
Value: 2 (Low)
Rookie Year: No
Comments: There are not many of these available on the market, but the price is pretty seasonable when they do sell considering a player of Lidstrom's caliber.
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  1. quiet-things's Avatar
    Nice addition.. oh I like the "set spotlight" on the side of your blog. (nice idea I might steal )

    I'm surprised this one isn't more valuable than it is, Lidstrom is a great player
  2. Inferno's Avatar
    Stealing my ideas again :P

    Yeah the Lidstrom only sells for around $12 most of the time, which is surprising for him considering it's not as common as most of the other $12 cards.