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Gonzaga Hall- Milwaukee, WI 1/25/10 Show Review

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By member xexus

Selection of cards: I thought there was a good selection. I saw years ranging for the at least the 50's (maybe older) to 2008.
The show doesn't emphasize one sport over another.

Selection of Wax Boxes: I know there was a decent selection for football and baseball but for others I don't know since I only collect football and baseball.

Pricing: Some I believe are a little pricey buy I don't really know since I've never bought wax (that is if you include a box of 2007 Score football, lol, and a box of 2005 Donruss Team Heroes baseball, retail box of 24packs at Wal-Mart)

Prices on cards: Me and my friend got cards below BV and I even got like 2-3 Greg Olsen base rookies for only 10cents each. Also I bought Serial #'ed cards, no name people for 10cents, Jersey and Autos varied.

Signers: No.

Admission Price: $1 as stated above

Raffles or Prizes: There are raffles, only raffle I heard was for $20! Plus they have auctions for cards, shirts, photos, and more. It's one thing at a time, NOT a silent auction.

Friendliness of Dealers: I found most all the people I dealt with to be nice. I got a discount from one guy. Instead of paying like $48.50 for the cards,which included 4 LT jerseys, he let me have the cards for $40. Hey around $8.50 isn't bad, more money to buy cards with!

Pictures: None, didn't bring a camera.

Video: Nope.

Overall Experience: I still loved the card show, even though it's only my 2-3 time going. I think it's a nice card show to go. Plus others must agree because it was crowded! (even though it wasn't really that big of

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