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Cardshow Reviews and Hockey Thoughts.

Abbotsford Heat line up to sign autos (how often does this happen).

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BY: Babying (Wayne)

The bus comes and the players are coming out very very very fast. I think my son is only going to get 4-5 autos at best. He got 16 (missed 4 guys). Can you believe the guys lined up and waited their turn to sign for him. I honestly can't believe what I saw. We had to hockey cards of Leland Irving and the guys told my son where he was. He signed both cards and I had a puck but did not know who Irving was. So unfortunately did not get Irving on a puck. I did see 2 guys just walk into the Ricoh while the others (10-12 waited their turn to sign). Still can't believe what I saw.


  1. MasonRaymond0320's Avatar
    Wow! Thats class. You don't see that to often. Thanks for sharing!