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Todays Mail Today

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Just a brief note to brag about a little mail day I had today. From Card Collectors Paradise group breaks on blogtv I recieved

2008 UD Premier Rare Materials 2 Mike Vrabel 34/65

2010 Historic Autographs Hall of Famer Rich Gossage 15/20

2007/08 ITG Heroes and Prospects
Patrick Kane Top Prospects Jersey
Chris Stewart Jumbo Jersey Black
Jeremy Smith Net Prospects
James Sheppard Game Used Jersey

I was already able to flip the Chris Stewart into two cards that will go into my personal collection, Luke Schenn Young Guns and Ed Belfour Calder Jerseys. I will be shipping that out asap as I eagerly want to add these to the collection.

I am now waiting on 8 trades to finish that will go into my personal collection.

In ebay news. My Pelle Lindburgh Stick Save sold for $100 and the Carter Ashton Emblem sold for $10. The Carter could have been more had I not accidently listed is as black when it was in fact silver . I am sure the buyer won't mind.

Until next time ;)