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Last Update: June 20 2010

Game-Used Jersey Cards:
2003-04 Fleer Patchworks Licensed Apparel Patch Ray Allen #/150
2003-04 SPx Winning Combos Ray Allen/Rashard Lewis
2004-05 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Ray Allen
2004-05 Topps Chrome Refined Remnents Ray Allen #/500
2005-06 Winning Materials Ray Allen
2006-07 SPx Winning Materials Ray Allen
2006-07 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Kirk Hinrich
2006-07 Upper Deck The LeBrons memorabilia LeBron James
2007-08 Artifacts Triple Artifacts Tony Parker #/50
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings LaMarcus Aldridge/Mehmet Okur #/150
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings Luke Jackson/Charlie Villenueva #/150
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings Ron Artest/Lamar Odom #/150 (x2)
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings Andrea Bargnani/Andrew Bogut #/150
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings Mickeal Pietrus/Boris Diaw #/150
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings Tony Parker/Mike Miller #/150
2007-08 Artifacts Conference Pairings Delonte West/Rudy Gay #/150
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Alonzo Mourning RED #/100
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Andrei Kirilenko PATCH #/29
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Tayshaun Prince #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Steve Nash RED #/100
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Ray Allen BLUE #/50
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Yao Ming RED #/100
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Ben Gordon #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Brandon Roy #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Channing Frye #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Sean May #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Bobby Jones #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Brian Cardinal #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Dirk Nowitzski #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Jason Terry BLUE #/50
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Richard Jefferson #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Patch Pau Gasol #/26
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Vince Carter #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Sean May #/250
2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Steve Nash RED #/100
2007-08 Bowman Elevation Relics Ray Allen #/179
2007-08 Fleer NBA Classics Aaron Affalo
2007-08 Fleer NBA Classics Jermareo Davidson
2007-08 Fleer NBA Classics Rodney Stuckey
2007-08 Fleer NBA Classics Wilson Chandler
2007-08 Fleer Feel The Game Ben Wallace
2007-08 Fleer Feel The Game David Robinson
2007-08 Hot Prospects Property Of Chauncey Billups #/149
2007-08 Topps Generation Now Ben Gordon
2007-08 Topps Generation Now Andrew Bynum
2007-08 Topps 57-58 Variation Relic Kevin Martin
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Kevin Durant
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Al Horford
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Michael Conley
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Brandan Wright
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Acie Law
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Thaddeus Young
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Rodney Stuckey
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Nick Young
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Javarris Crittenton
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Jason Smith
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Aaron Brooks
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Taurean Green
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads D.J. Strawberry (2)
2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Triple Relic Sean Williams/Wilson Chandler/Glen Davis
2007-08 Topps Luxury Box Mezzanine Relics Ray Allen #/199
2007-08 Ultra SE Award Winners Jersey Nate Robinson #/199
2007-08 Ultra SE Scoring Kings Memorabilia Kevin Martin
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Antoine Walker
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Ben Gordon
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Devin Harris
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Jameer Nelson
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Kwame Brown
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Larry Hughes
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Shawn Marion
2007-08 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Marvin Williams
2008-09 Fleer Throwback Classics George Hill
2008-09 Fleer Genuine Coverage Jermaine O’Neal
2008-09 Fleer Genuine Coverage Richard Hamilton
2008-09 Upper Deck Game Used Jersey Tracy McGrady
2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Star Combos Drew Gooden/Luol Deng
2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Game Night Souvenirs Kenyon Martin
2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Game Night Souvenirs Adam Morrison
2009-10 Panini Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Prime Toney Douglas #/5
2009-10 Panini Absolute Star Gazing Memorabilia Carmelo Anthony #/25
2009-10 Panini Certified Fabric of the Game Patch Andrei Kirilenko #/25
2009-10 Panini Classics Timeless Threads Elton Brand #/199
2009-10 Panini Classics Timeless Threads Blake Griffin RC #/265
2009-10 Panini Timeless Treasures Rooki Apprentice Omri Casspi #/100
2009-10 Panini Threads Rookie Collection Wayne Ellington #/250
2009-10 Panini Threads Rookie Collection Blake Griffin #/250
2009-10 Panini Threads Rookie Collection Darren Collison #/250
2009-10 Panini Threads Century Stars Jason Kidd #/250
2009-10 Panini Threads Century Stars Kevin Durant #/250
2009-10 Rookie & Stars Studio Rookies Materials Tyreke Evans/Stephen Curry #/299
2009-10 SP Game Used Combo Materials Chris Bosh/Vince Carter #499
2009-10 SP Game Used Combo Materials Dirk Nowitzki/Ray Allen #/35
2009-10 SP Game Used Four on Four Fabrics Sebastian Telfair/Randy Foye/Rodney Carney/Brian Cardinal/Desmond Mason/Kyle Weaver/Kevin Durant/Robert Swift
2009-10 Topps Roundball Remnents Tyson Chandler
2009-10 Upper Deck Dual Game Materials LaMarcus Aldridge/Kevin Durant
2009-10 Upper Deck Dual Game Materials Andre Iguodala/Gilbert Arenas

Autographed Cards:
1996-97 Scoreboard Ray Allen Authentic Autograph RC #/325
1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics Ray Allen RC
1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics Mark Jackson
1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics Lawrence Moten
1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics Zan Tabak
1997-98 Skybox Premium Autographics P.J. Brown
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Corey Alexander
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Ray Allen
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Anthony Johnson
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Tony Massenburg
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Eric Washington
1998-99 Skybox Premium Autographics Clarence Weatherspoon
1999-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Corey Alexander
1999-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Darrell Armstrong
1999-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Travis Best
1999-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Michael Doleac
1999-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Steve Francis RC
1999-00 Skybox Premium Autographics Othella Harrington
2000-01 Upper Deck Retro Inkredible Mookie Blaylock
2002-03 Upper Deck Inspirations Dual Signatures Drew Gooden RC/Kevin Garnett #/275
2002-03 Upper Deck Inspirations Dual Signatures Jiri Welsch RC/Jason Richardson #/1600
2002-03 Upper Deck Inspirations Dual Signatures John Salmons RC/Gerald Wallace #/1600
2004-05 Upper Deck Trilogy Auto Focus Ray Allen
2004-05 Upper Deck Trilogy Signs of Stardom Ray Allen
2005-06 SP Authentic Travis Diener RC #/1299
2006-07 E-X Clearly Authentic Autographs Baron Davis
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Chris Duhon
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Michael Cooper
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Maurice Ager
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Raymond Felton
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Julian Wright
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Dee Brown
2007-08 Artifacts Autofacts Channing Frye
2007-08 Chronology Kevin Durant #135 Auto RC #/99
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Jermareo Davidson RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Glen Davis RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Joe Alexander RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Jared Dudley RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Jason Smith RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Herbert Hill RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Wilson Chandler RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Coby Karl RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Yi Jianlin RC
2007-08 Finest Rookie Autograph Refractors Arron Afflalo RC
2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Patch Jermareo Davidson RED #/25
2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Patch Nick Fazekas #/599
2007-08 SP Rookie Edition Rookie Autographs Al Horford RC
2007-08 SP Rookie Edition Rookie Autographs Rodney Stuckey RC
2007-08 SP Rookie Edition Rookie Autographs D.J. Strawberry RC
2007-08 SP Rookie Edition 1994-95 Rookie Autographs Ramon Sessions RC
2007-08 SP Rookie Edition 1996-97 Rookie Autographs Javaris Crittenton RC
2007-08 SPx Super Scripts Acie Law IV RC
2007-08 SPx Endorsements Richard Jefferson
2007-08 SPx Endorsements Corey Brewer RC
2007-08 Sweet Shots Sweet Beginnings Rodney Stuckey #/699
2007-08 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Jermareo Davidson RC
2007-08 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Josh McRoberts RC
2007-09 Topps Letterman Autographed Letterman Patch Javaris Crittenton RC #/15
2007-08 Topps Luxury Box Mezzanine Relics Autographs Ray Allen #/39
2007-08 Ultra SE Autographics Black Marquis Daniels
2007-08 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Signatures Al Horford RC
2007-08 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Signatures Aaron Gray RC
2007-08 Upper Deck Star Signings James Augustine
2007-08 Upper Deck Star Signings Jorge Garbajosa
2008-09 Fleer Hot Prospects Joe Alexander RC #/399
2008-09 Topps Signature Approval Ramon Sessions
2008-09 Topps Signature Autographs Micheal Ray Richardson
2008-09 Topps Treasury Rookie Autographs Russell Westbrook
2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs Andre Iguodala
2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs Ben Gordon
2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs Corey Maggette
2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs Chris Paul
2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs David Lee
2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs Kevin Love
2009-10 Panini Absolute Serge Ibaka SPECTRUM #/249
2009-10 Panini Absolute Panini Materials Auto Omri Casspi RC #/25
2009-10 Panini Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Taylor Griffin #/499
2009-10 Panini Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Tyler Hansbrough #/499
2009-10 Panini Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Jodie Meeks PRIME #/25
2009-10 Panini Absolute Rookie Premiere Materials Brandon Jennings #/499
2009-10 Panini Classics Jonas Jerebko RC #/999
2009-10 Panini Classics Darren Collinson RC #/999
2009-10 Panini Rookies & Stars Brandon Jennings RC #/379
2009-10 Panini Studio Brandon Jennings Auto RC #/199
2009-10 Panini Studio Brandon Jennings Auto Proof RC #/49
2009-10 Panini Threads Jeff Teague RC Auto Letter "E" #/660
2009-10 Panini Threads Omri Casspi RC Auto Letter "S" #/660
2009-10 Panini Threads Sam Young RC Auto Letter "O" #/325
2009-10 Panini Threads DeJuan Blair RC Auto Letter "L" #/625
2009-10 Panini Threads Earl Clark RC Auto Letter "A" #/625
2009-10 Panini Threads Stephen Curry RC Auto Letter "R" #/625
2009-10 Panini Threads Austin Daye RC Auto Letter "E" #/700
2009-10 Panini Threads Kobe Bryant Auto Letter "N" #/240
2009-10 Panini Timeless Treasures Rookie Recruits Omri Casspi #/25
2009-10 Panini Timeless Treasures Rookie Recruits DaJuan Summers #/25
2009-10 SP Signature Edition INKredible Spud Webb #/299

Here are a list of my dupes that can be used to complete sets or just to pick from for your personal collection. Green cards represent rookie cards.

Base Cards:
1992-93 Upper Deck Shaquille O'Neal RC #1b
1996-97 Ultra Kobe Bryant RC
2004-05 Flair Michael Redd
2004-05 Flair Allan Houston
2004-05 Flair Peja Stojakovic
2004-05 Flair Sam Cassell
2004-05 Flair T.J. Ford
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Boris Diaw
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Eddie Robinson
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Cuttino Mobley
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Andrei Kirlienko
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Drew Gooden
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Nene
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Kurt Thomas
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Rashard Lewis
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Stephen Jackson
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Rasual Butler x2
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Ben Wallace
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Chris Webber
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Tony Parker
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Matt Harpring
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Richard Hamilton
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Damon Jones
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Keith Bogans
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Shareef Abdur-Rahim
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Gilbert Arenas
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Rasheed Wallace
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Chris Wilcox
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Tyson Chandler
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Stromile Swift
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Chauncey Billups
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Shane Battier
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Samuel Dalembert
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Derek Anderson
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Jarvis Hayes
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Antonio Daniels
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Erick Dampier
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Keith Van Horn
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Darrell Armstrong
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Steve Nash
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Nick Collison
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Ricky Davis
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Tracy McGrady
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Rafer Alston
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Tony Delk
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Jamaal Tinsley
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Jamal Crawford
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Peja Stojakovic
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Bruce Bowen
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Paul Pierce
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Jason Terry
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Leandro Barbosa
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Carlos Boozer
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Brevin Knight
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Marquis Daniels
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Juwan Howard
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Reggie Miller
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Joe Smith
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Alonzo Mourning
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Mike Sweetney
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Mehmet Okur
2004-05 Fleer Tradition David Wesley
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Tim Thomas
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Amare Stoudemire
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Morris Peterson
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Kerry Kittles
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Eddie Jones
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Hedo Turkoglu
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Clifford Robinson
2004-05 Fleer Tradition Tim Duncan
2004-05 Skybox Autographics Michael Redd
2004-05 Skybox Autographics Shawn Marion
2004-05 Skybox Autographics Kobe Bryant
2004-05 Skybox Autographics Jason Richardson
2005-06 Topps Lamar Odom
2005-06 Topps Allen Iverson
2005-06 Topps Reggie Miller
2005-06 Topps Zaza Pachulia
2005-06 Topps Andre Iguodala
2005-06 Topps Derek Fisher
2005-06 Topps Shaun Livingston
2005-06 Topps Melvin Ely
2005-06 Topps Stephon Marbury
2005-06 Topps David Harrison
2005-06 Topps Michael Olowakandi
2005-06 Topps Antoine Walker
2005-06 Topps Ira Newble
2005-06 Topps Juan Dixon
2005-06 Topps Tony Allen
2005-06 Topps Matt Harpring
2005-06 Topps Elton Brand
2005-06 Topps Jason Richardson
2005-06 Topps Marc Jackson
2005-06 Topps Joel Pryzbilla
2005-06 Topps Gary Payton
2005-06 Topps Jason Collins
2005-06 Topps Julius Hodge RC
2005-06 Topps Nate Robinson RC
2005-06 Topps Johan Petro RC
2005-06 Topp Total Josh Childress
2005-06 Topp Total Emeka Okafor
2005-06 Topp Total Carlos Arroyo
2005-06 Topp Total Shane Battier
2005-06 Topp Total Samuel Dalembert
2005-06 Topp Total Mike Bibby
2005-06 Topp Total Rafer Alston
2005-06 Topp Total Al Harrington
2005-06 Topp Total Primoz Brezec
2005-06 Topp Total Antonio Davis
2005-06 Topp Total Antonio Burks
2005-06 Topp Total Jason Collins
2005-06 Topp Total P.J. Brown
2005-06 Topp Total Andre Iguodala
2005-06 Topp Total Bruce Bowen
2005-06 Topp Total Nick Collison
2005-06 Topp Total Rafael Araujo
2005-06 Topp Total Josh Smith
2005-06 Topp Total Melvin Ely
2005-06 Topp Total Ben Gordon
2005-06 Topp Total Zydrunas Ilgauskas
2005-06 Topp Total Carlos Delfino
2005-06 Topp Total Mike James
2005-06 Topp Total Brian Cardinal
2005-06 Topp Total Toni Kukoc
2005-06 Topp Total Jamal Crawford
2005-06 Topp Total Allen Iverson
2005-06 Topp Total Tim Duncan
2005-06 Topp Total Chris Bosh
2005-06 Topp Total Ricky Davis
2005-06 Topp Total Devin Harris
2005-06 Topp Total Tracy McGrady
2005-06 Topp Total Pau Gasol
2005-06 Topp Total Speedy Claxton
2005-06 Topp Total Manu Ginobili
2005-06 Topp Total Rashard Lewis
2005-06 Topp Total Kenyon Martin
2005-06 Topp Total Josh Howard
2005-06 Topp Total Bob Sura
2005-06 Topp Total Shaun Livingston
2005-06 Topp Total Michael Redd
2005-06 Topp Total Luke Ridnour
2005-06 Topp Total Paul Pierce
2005-06 Topp Total Anderson Varejao
2005-06 Topp Total Dirk Nowitzki
2005-06 Topp Total Stephen Jackson
2005-06 Topp Total Corey Maggette
2005-06 Topp Total Shaquille O'Neal
2005-06 Topp Total Joe Smith
2005-06 Topp Total Morris Peterson
2005-06 Topp Total Derek Fisher
2005-06 Topp Total Chris Mihm
2005-06 Topp Total Stephon Marbury
2005-06 Topp Total Grant Hill
2005-06 Topp Total Joel Pryzbilla
2005-06 Topp Total Jerry Stackhouse
2005-06 Topp Total Lamar Odom
2005-06 Topp Total Zach Randolph
2005-06 Topp Total Antawn Jamison
2005-06 Topp Total Jason Terry
2005-06 Topp Total Sasha Vujacic
2005-06 Topp Total Dwayne Wade
2005-06 Topp Total Jameer Nelson
2005-06 Topp Total J.R. Smith
2005-06 Topp Total Tyronn Lue
2005-06 Topp Total Kenny Thomas
2005-06 Topp Total Nene
2005-06 Topp Total John Salmons
2005-06 Topp Total Lindsey Hunter
2005-06 Topp Total Darius Miles
2005-06 Topp Total Trevor Ariza
2005-06 Topp Total Loren Woods
2005-06 Topp Total Corliss Williamson
2005-06 Topp Total David Wesley
2005-06 Topp Total Eric Snow
2005-06 Topp Total Desmond Mason
2005-06 Topp Total Travis Outlaw
2005-06 Topp Total Jim Jackson
2005-06 Topp Total Gordon Giricek
2005-06 Topp Total Michael Doleac
2005-06 Topp Total Andres Nocioni
2005-06 Topp Total Brian Cook
2005-06 Topp Total Viktor Khryapa
2005-06 Topp Total Malik Rose
2005-06 Topp Total Elton Brand
2005-06 Topp Total Gerald Wallace
2005-06 Topp Total Michael Bradley
2005-06 Topp Total DerMarr Johnson
2005-06 Topp Total Wally Szczerbiak
2005-06 Topp Total Aleksandar Pavlovic
2005-06 Topp Total Andrei Kirilenko
2005-06 Topp Total Kobe Bryant
2005-06 Topp Total Raef LaFrentz
2005-06 Topp Total Ira Newble
2005-06 Topp Total Chris Duhon
2005-06 Topp Total Maurice Williams
2005-06 Topp Total Eduardo Najera
2005-06 Topp Total Nazr Mohammed
2005-06 Topp Total Baron Davis
2005-06 Topp Total Carlos Boozer
2005-06 Topp Total Keith Bogans
2005-06 Topp Total Quinton Ross
2005-06 Topp Total Darrell Armstrong
2005-06 Topp Total Beno Udrih
2005-06 Topp Total Marquis Daniels
2005-06 Topp Total Tony Allen
2005-06 Topp Total Richie Frahm
2005-06 Topp Total Arvydas Macijauskas RC
2005-06 Topp Total Daniel Ewing RC
2005-06 Topp Total Earl Watson
2005-06 Topp Total Juan Dixon
2005-06 Topp Total Joe Johnson
2005-06 Topp Total Gary Payton
2005-06 Topp Total Monta Ellis RC
2005-06 Topp Total Quentin Richardson
2005-06 Topp Total Martynas Andriuskevicius RC
2005-06 Topp Total Kwame Brown
2005-06 Topp Total Wayne Simien RC
2005-06 Topp Total Zaza Pachulia
2005-06 Topp Total Andrew Bogut RC

2005-06 Topp Total Larry Hughes
2005-06 Topp Total Marc Jackson
2005-06 Topp Total Lee Nailon
2005-06 Topp Total Shavlik Randolph RC
2005-06 Topp Total Eddie Basden RC
2005-06 Topp Total Yaroslav Korolev RC
2005-06 Topp Total James Jones
2005-06 Topp Total Raja Bell
2005-06 Topp Total Kurt Thomas
2005-06 Topp Total D.J. Mbenga
2005-06 Topp Total Bobby Jackson
2005-06 Topp Total Antoine Wright RC
2005-06 Topp Total Robert Swift
2005-06 Topp Total Gerald Green RC
2005-06 Topp Total Jarrett Jack RC
2005-06 Topp Total Jake Voskuhl
2005-06 Topp Total Devin Brown
2005-06 Topp Total James Singleton RC
2005-06 Topp Total C.J. Miles RC
2005-06 Topp Total Charlie Villenueva RC
2005-06 Topp Total Eddie House
2005-06 Topp Total Royal Ivey
2005-06 Topp Total Dikembe Mutombo
2005-06 Topp Total Greg Ostertag
2005-06 Topp Total Tyson Chandler
2005-06 Topp Total Sarunas Jasikevicius RC
2005-06 Topp Total Joey Graham RC
2005-06 Topp Total Steve Blake
2005-06 Topp Total Shareef Abdur-Rahim
2005-06 Topp Total Sean May RC
2005-06 Topp Total Deron Williams RC
2005-06 Topp Total Michael Ruffin
2005-06 Topp Total Darius Songaila
2005-06 Topp Total Jermaine O'Neal
2005-06 Topp Total Bracey Wright RC
2005-06 Topp Total Scot Pollard
2005-06 Topp Total Linas Kleiza RC
2005-06 Topp Total Jerome James
2005-06 Topp Total Brian Scalabrine
2005-06 Topp Total Reggie Evans
2005-06 Topp Total Jason Maxiell RC
2005-06 Topp Total Michael Finley
2005-06 Topp Total Robert Whaley RC
2005-06 Topp Total Louis Williams RC
2005-06 Topp Total Austin Croshere
2005-06 Topp Total Martell Webster RC
2005-06 Topp Total Brandon Bass RC
2005-06 Topp Total Gerald Fitch RC
2005-06 Topp Total Jonathan Bender
2005-06 Topp Total Boris Diaw
2005-06 Topp Total Andray Blatche RC
2005-06 Topp Total Jeff Foster
2005-06 Topp Total Caron Butler
2005-06 Topp Total Channing Frye RC
2005-06 Topp Total Antonio Daniels
2005-06 Topp Total Bobby Simmons
2005-06 Topp Total Damon Stoudamire
2005-06 Topp Total Kirk Snyder
2005-06 Topp Total Aaron McKie
2005-06 Topp Total Sam Cassell
2005-06 Topp Total Scott Padgett
2005-06 Topp Total Doc Rivers
2005-06 Topp Total Gary Brokaw
2005-06 Topp Total Ron Adams
2005-06 Topp Total Mike Brown
2005-06 Topp Total Kenny Natt
2005-06 Topp Total Del Harris
2005-06 Topp Total Scott Brooks
2005-06 Topp Total Flip Saunders
2005-06 Topp Total Sidney Lowe
2005-06 Topp Total Mario Elie
2005-06 Topp Total Jeff Van Gundy
2005-06 Topp Total Tom Thibodeau
2005-06 Topp Total Rick Carlisle
2005-06 Topp Total Kevin O'Neill
2005-06 Topp Total Mike Dunleavy Sr.
2005-06 Topp Total Jim Eyen
2005-06 Topp Total Mike Fratello
2005-06 Topp Total Eric Musselman
2005-06 Topp Total Pat Riley
2005-06 Topp Total Bob McAdoo
2005-06 Topp Total Terry Stotts
2005-06 Topp Total Lester Conner
2005-06 Topp Total Johnny Davis
2005-06 Topp Total Lawrence Frank
2005-06 Topp Total Darrell Walker
2005-06 Topp Total Herb Williams
2005-06 Topp Total Brian Hill
2005-06 Topp Total Randy Ayers
2005-06 Topp Total Mike D'Antoni
2005-06 Topp Total Nate McMillan
2005-06 Topp Total Dean Demopoulos
2005-06 Topp Total Gregg Popovich
2005-06 Topp Total P.J. Carlesimo
2005-06 Topp Total Bob Weiss
2005-06 Topp Total Sam Mitchell
2005-06 Topp Total Jim Todd
2005-06 Topp Total Eddie Jordan
2005-06 Topp Total Mike O'Koren
2005-06 Topp Total Rocky
2005-06 Topp Total Slamson
2005-06 Topp Total Squatch
2005-06 Topp Total Crunch
2005-06 Topp Total Champ
2005-06 Topp Total Hip Hop
2005-06 Topp Total Sly The Silver Fox
2005-06 Topp Total Benny The Bull
2005-06 Topp Total Clutch
2005-06 Topp Total Boomer
2005-06 Topp Total Shannon Elizabeth
2005-06 Topp Total Jenny McCarthy
2005-06 Topp Total Jay-Z
2006-07 E-X Ben Wallace
2006-07 Topps Joe Johnson
2006-07 Topps Andres Nocioni
2006-07 Topps Gerald Wallace x2
2006-07 Topps Jason Terry
2006-07 Topps Vince Carter
2006-07 Topps Mike Bibby
2006-07 Topps Ben Gordon
2006-07 Topps Paul Pierce
2006-07 Topps Eddy Curry
2006-07 Topps Stromile Swift
2006-07 Topps Peja Stojakovic x2
2006-07 Topps Kwame Brown
2006-07 Topps Shawn Marion
2006-07 Topps Shaquille O'Neal
2006-07 Topps Luther Head
2006-07 Topps Cuttino Mobley
2006-07 Topps Jermaine O'Neal
2006-07 Topps Kurt Thomas
2006-07 Topps Andrei Kirilenko
2006-07 Topps Tracy McGrady
2006-07 Topps Chris Kaman
2006-07 Topps Luol Deng
2006-07 Topps Emeka Okafor x2
2006-07 Topps Amare Stoudmire
2006-07 Topps Lamar Odom
2006-07 Topps Eric Snow
2006-07 Topps Ike Diogu
2006-07 Topps Alonzo Mourning
2006-07 Topps Maurice Evans
2006-07 Topps Marcus Camby
2006-07 Topps Vladimir Radmanovic
2006-07 Topps Kirk Snyder
2006-07 Topps Ronald Murray
2006-07 Topps DeSagana Diop
2006-07 Topps Josh Smith
2006-07 Topps Lorenzo Wright
2006-07 Topps Nate Robinson
2006-07 Topps Keith Van Horn
2006-07 Topps Johan Petro
2006-07 Topps Yao Ming
2006-07 Topps Darko Milicic
2006-07 Topps Smush Parker
2006-07 Topps Sarunas Jasikevicius
2006-07 Topps Melvin Ely
2006-07 Topps Richard Hamilton x2
2006-07 Topps Chris Duhon
2006-07 Topps Jamaal Tinsley
2006-07 Topps Jason Kidd
2006-07 Topps Dwayne Wade
2006-07 Topps Mike James
2006-07 Topps Josh Howard
2006-07 Topps Richard Jefferson
2006-07 Topps Jalen Rose
2006-07 Topps Mickael Pietrus
2006-07 Topps Steve Nash
2006-07 Topps Drew Gooden
2006-07 Topps Chris Mihm
2006-07 Topps Rafer Alston
2006-07 Topps Delonte West
2006-07 Topps Jamaal Magloire
2006-07 Topps Channing Frye
2006-07 Topps Andre Iguodala
2006-07 Topps Pau Gasol
2006-07 Topps Devean George
2006-07 Topps Sam Cassell
2006-07 Topps Kirk Hinrich
2006-07 Topps Erick Dampier
2006-07 Topps Primoz Brezec
2006-07 Topps Jamal Crawford
2006-07 Topps Danny Granger
2006-07 Topps Manu Ginobili
2006-07 Topps Marquis Daniels
2006-07 Topps Tony Parker
2006-07 Topps Carlos Boozer
2006-07 Topps Clifford Robinson
2006-07 Topps Charlie Villenueva
2006-07 Topps Raja Bell
2006-07 Topps Shaun Livingston
2006-07 Topps Devin Harris
2006-07 Topps Brevin Knight
2006-07 Topps Chris Webber
2006-07 Topps Zydrunas Ilgauskas
2006-07 Topps Andre Miller
2006-07 Topps Samuel Dalembert
2006-07 Topps Tayshaun Prince
2006-07 Topps Zach Randolph
2006-07 Topps Carmelo Anthony
2006-07 Topps Morris Peterson
2006-07 Topps Ethan Thomas
2006-07 Topps Allen Iverson
2006-07 Topps Antoine Walker
2006-07 Topps Adrian Griffin
2006-07 Topps Salim Stoudemire x2
2006-07 Topps Raef LaFrentz
2006-07 Topps Rasual Butler
2006-07 Topps Chuck Hayes
2006-07 Topps P.J. Brown
2006-07 Topps Hedo Turkoglu
2006-07 Topps Kendrick Perkins
2006-07 Topps Adam Morrison RC
2006-07 Topps Leon Powe RC
2006-07 Topps Sheldon Williams RC
2006-07 Topps Alexander Johnson RC
2006-07 Topps Shawne Williams RC
2006-07 Topps Guillermo Diaz RC
2006-07 Topps Ryan Hollins RC
2006-07 Topps Kyle Lowry RC
2006-07 Topps Denham Brown RC
2006-07 Topps Dee Brown RC
2006-07 Topps Cedric Simmons RC
2006-07 Topps P.J. Tucker RC
2006-07 Topps Hassan Adams RC
2006-07 Topps Hilton Armstrong RC
2006-07 Topps James Auguestine RC
2006-07 Topps J.J. Redick RC
2006-07 Topps LaMarcus Aldridge RC
2006-07 Topps Maurice Ager RC
2006-07 Topps Paul Davis RC
2006-07 Topps Jordan Farmar RC
2006-07 Topps Quincy Douby RC
2006-07 Topps Rodney Carney RC
2006-07 Topps Rudy Gay RC
2006-07 Topps Saer Sene RC
2006-07 Topps Andre Bargnani RC
2006-07 Topps Allan Ray RC
2006-07 Topps Thabo Sefolosha RC
2006-07 Topps Darius Washington RC
2006-07 Topps Solomon Jones RC
2006-07 Topps David Noel RC
2006-07 Topps Kevin Pittsnogle RC
2006-07 Topps Shannon Brown RC
2006-07 Topps Checklist 1 x4
2006-07 Topps Checklist 2 x3
2006-07 Upper Deck Josh Childress
2006-07 Upper Deck Josh Smith
2006-07 Upper Deck Salim Stoudamire
2006-07 Upper Deck Marvin Williams
2006-07 Upper Deck Tony Allen
2006-07 Upper Deck Dan Dickau
2006-07 Upper Deck Al Jefferson
2006-07 Upper Deck Raef LaFrentz
2006-07 Upper Deck Michael Olowokandi
2006-07 Upper Deck Wally Szczerbiak
2006-07 Upper Deck Alan Anderson
2006-07 Upper Deck Raymond Felton
2006-07 Upper Deck Sean May
2006-07 Upper Deck Emeka Okafor
2006-07 Upper Deck Tyson Chandler
2006-07 Upper Deck Luol Deng
2006-07 Upper Deck Chris Duhon
2006-07 Upper Deck Ben Gordon
2006-07 Upper Deck Kirk Hinrich
2006-07 Upper Deck Mike Sweetney
2006-07 Upper Deck Drew Gooden
2006-07 Upper Deck Zyrunas Ilgauskas
2006-07 Upper Deck LeBron James
2006-07 Upper Deck Damon Jones
2006-07 Upper Deck Anderson Varejao
2006-07 Upper Deck Erick Dampier
2006-07 Upper Deck Marquis Daniels
2006-07 Upper Deck Jash Howard
2006-07 Upper Deck Dirk Nowitzki
2006-07 Upper Deck Jerry Stackhouse
2006-07 Upper Deck Jason Terry
2006-07 Upper Deck Carmelo Anthony
2006-07 Upper Deck Earl Boykins
2006-07 Upper Deck Marcus Camby
2006-07 Upper Deck Kenyon Martin
2006-07 Upper Deck Eduardo Najera
2006-07 Upper Deck Chauncey Billups
2006-07 Upper Deck Lindsey Hunter
2006-07 Upper Deck Antonio McDyess
2006-07 Upper Deck Rasheed Wallace
2006-07 Upper Deck Ike Diogu
2006-07 Upper Deck Mike Dunleavy
2006-07 Upper Deck Derek Fisher
2006-07 Upper Deck Troy Murphy
2006-07 Upper Deck Mickael Pietrus
2006-07 Upper Deck Luther Head
2006-07 Upper Deck Yao Ming
2006-07 Upper Deck Stephen Jackson
2006-07 Upper Deck Sarunas Jasikevicius
2006-07 Upper Deck Peja Stojakovic
2006-07 Upper Deck Jamaal Tinsley
2006-07 Upper Deck Elton Brand
2006-07 Upper Deck Sam Cassell
2006-07 Upper Deck Chris Kaman
2006-07 Upper Deck Shaun Livingston
2006-07 Upper Deck Corey Maggette
2006-07 Upper Deck Cuttino Mobley
2006-07 Upper Deck Kwame Brown
2006-07 Upper Deck Lamar Odom
2006-07 Upper Deck Luke Walton
2006-07 Upper Deck Pau Gasol
2006-07 Upper Deck Bobby Jackson
2006-07 Upper Deck Eddie Jones
2006-07 Upper Deck Mike Miller
2006-07 Upper Deck Damon Stoudamire
2006-07 Upper Deck Hakim Warrick
2006-07 Upper Deck Alonzo Mourning
2006-07 Upper Deck Shaquille O'Neal
2006-07 Upper Deck Wayne Simien
2006-07 Upper Deck Jason Williams
2006-07 Upper Deck Andrew Bogut
2006-07 Upper Deck T.J. Ford
2006-07 Upper Deck Jamaal Magloire
2006-07 Upper Deck Michael Redd
2006-07 Upper Deck Maurice Williams
2006-07 Upper Deck Ricky Davis
2006-07 Upper Deck Kevin Garnett
2006-07 Upper Deck Eddie Griffin
2006-07 Upper Deck Vince Carter
2006-07 Upper Deck Jason Collins
2006-07 Upper Deck Nenad Krstic
2006-07 Upper Deck Jeff McInnis
2006-07 Upper Deck Antoine Wright
2006-07 Upper Deck P.J. Brown
2006-07 Upper Deck Speedy Claxton
2006-07 Upper Deck Chris Paul
2006-07 Upper Deck J.R. Smith
2006-07 Upper Deck Kirk Snyder
2006-07 Upper Deck David West
2006-07 Upper Deck Stephon Marbury
2006-07 Upper Deck Nate Robinson
2006-07 Upper Deck Carlos Arroyo
2006-07 Upper Deck Tony Battie
2006-07 Upper Deck Kenyon Dooling
2006-07 Upper Deck Dwight Howard
2006-07 Upper Deck Jameer Nelson
2006-07 Upper Deck Samuel Dalembert
2006-07 Upper Deck Steven Hunter
2006-07 Upper Deck Kyle Korver
2006-07 Upper Deck Shavlik Randolph
2006-07 Upper Deck Chris Webber
2006-07 Upper Deck Raja Bell
2006-07 Upper Deck Shawn Marion
2006-07 Upper Deck Steve Nash
2006-07 Upper Deck Amare Stoudemire
2006-07 Upper Deck Kurt Thomas
2006-07 Upper Deck Tim Thomas
2006-07 Upper Deck Steve Blake
2006-07 Upper Deck Juan Dixon
2006-07 Upper Deck Ha Seung-Jin
2006-07 Upper Deck Sebastian Telfair
2006-07 Upper Deck Brad Miller
2006-07 Upper Deck Kenny Thomas
2006-07 Upper Deck Bonzi Wells
2006-07 Upper Deck Bruce Bowen
2006-07 Upper Deck Tim Duncan
2006-07 Upper Deck Michael Finley
2006-07 Upper Deck Manu Ginobili
2006-07 Upper Deck Tony Parker
2006-07 Upper Deck Danny Fortson
2006-07 Upper Deck Rashard Lewis
2006-07 Upper Deck Earl Watson
2006-07 Upper Deck Chris Bosh
2006-07 Upper Deck Joey Graham
2006-07 Upper Deck Mike James
2006-07 Upper Deck Charlie Villenueva
2006-07 Upper Deck Carlos Boozer
2006-07 Upper Deck Matt Harpring
2006-07 Upper Deck C.J Miles
2006-07 Upper Deck Deron Williams
2006-07 Upper Deck Gilbert Arenas
2006-07 Upper Deck Andray Blatche
2006-07 Upper Deck Antonio Daniels
2006-07 Upper Deck Antawn Jamison
2006-07 Upper Deck Hilton Armstrong RC
2006-07 Upper Deck The LeBrons LeBron James "Kid LeBron"
2007-08 Artifacts Emeka Okafor
2007-08 Artifacts Zydrunas Ilgauskas
2007-08 Artifacts Carmelo Anthony
2007-08 Artifacts Jason Kapono
2007-08 Artifacts Maurice Williams
2007-08 Artifacts Chris Paul
2007-08 Artifacts Andre Iguodala
2007-08 Artifacts Shawn Marion
2007-08 Artifacts Tim Duncan
2007-08 Artifacts Caron Butler
2007-08 Finest Tony Parker
2007-08 Finest Al Jefferson
2007-08 Finest Gilbert Arenas
2007-08 Finest Chris Paul
2007-08 Finest Sean Williams RC
2007-08 Finest Jason Smith RC
2007-08 Finest Jermareo Davidson RC
2007-08 Finest Pau Gasol
2007-08 Finest Kobe Bryant
2007-08 Finest Amare Stoudemire
2007-08 Finest Paul Pierce
2007-08 Finest Baron Davis
2007-08 Finest Dwight Howard
2007-08 Finest Kevin Martin
2007-08 Finest Kevin Durant RC
2007-08 Finest Greg Oden RC
2007-08 Finest Dominique Wilkins
2007-08 Finest Larry Bird
2007-08 Finest Al Horford RC
2007-08 Finest Ramon Sessions RC
2007-08 Finest Steve Nash
2007-08 Finest Glen Davis RC
2007-08 Finest Alando Tucker RC
2007-08 Finest Julian Wright RC
2007-08 Finest Coby Karl REFRACTOR RC
2007-08 Finest Luis Scola RC
2007-08 Finest Al Thornton RC
2007-08 Finest Morris Almond REFRACTOR RC
2007-08 Fleer Chauncey Billups x3
2007-08 Fleer Amir Johnson x2
2007-08 Fleer Richard Hamilton x2
2007-08 Fleer Jason Maxiell x3
2007-08 Fleer Tayshaun Prince x5
2007-08 Fleer Rasheed Wallace x2
2007-08 Fleer Antonio McDyess x3
2007-08 Fleer Daniel Gibson x2
2007-08 Fleer Larry Hughes x3
2007-08 Fleer Zydrunas Ilgauskas x2
2007-08 Fleer Devin Brown x2
2007-08 Fleer LeBron James x4
2007-08 Fleer Donyell Marshall x3
2007-08 Fleer Eric Snow x3
2007-08 Fleer Anrea Bargnani x4
2007-08 Fleer Chris Bosh x2
2007-08 Fleer T.J. Ford
2007-08 Fleer Jorge Garbajosa x4
2007-08 Fleer Rasho Nesterovic x5
2007-08 Fleer Jose Calderon x3
2007-08 Fleer James Posey x5
2007-08 Fleer Alonzo Mourning x3
2007-08 Fleer Shaquille O'Neal x3
2007-08 Fleer Dwayne Wade x4
2007-08 Fleer Antoine Walker x2
2007-08 Fleer Jason Williams x4
2007-08 Fleer Udonis Haslem x3
2007-08 Fleer Luol Deng x4
2007-08 Fleer Ben Gordon x5
2007-08 Fleer Kirk Hinrich x2
2007-08 Fleer Ben Wallace x2
2007-08 Fleer Tyrus Thomas
2007-08 Fleer Thabo Sefolosha x3
2007-08 Fleer Chris Duhon x2
2007-08 Fleer Vince Carter x3
2007-08 Fleer Jason Collins x5
2007-08 Fleer Richard Jefferson x5
2007-08 Fleer Jason Kidd x2
2007-08 Fleer Nenad Krstic x4
2007-08 Fleer Marcus Williams x2
2007-08 Fleer Josh Boone x3
2007-08 Fleer Gilbert Arenas x3
2007-08 Fleer Caron Butler x6
2007-08 Fleer Antawn Jamison x3
2007-08 Fleer Brendan Haywood x5
2007-08 Fleer Antonio Daniels x5
2007-08 Fleer Etan Thomas x2
2007-08 Fleer Trevor Ariza x2
2007-08 Fleer Dwight Howard x3
2007-08 Fleer Rashard Lewis x3
2007-08 Fleer Jameer Nelson x3
2007-08 Fleer J.J. Redick x2
2007-08 Fleer Hedo Turkoglu x3
2007-08 Fleer Carlos Arroyo x4
2007-08 Fleer Ike Diogu x2
2007-08 Fleer Mike Dunleavy x3
2007-08 Fleer Jeff Foster x2
2007-08 Fleer Jermaine O'Neal x4
2007-08 Fleer Jamaal Tinsley x4
2007-08 Fleer Shawne Williams x5
2007-08 Fleer Rodney Carney x3
2007-08 Fleer Andre Iguodala
2007-08 Fleer Kyle Korver x4
2007-08 Fleer Andre Miller x5
2007-08 Fleer Willie Green x3
2007-08 Fleer Samuel Dalembert x5
2007-08 Fleer Raymond Felton x5
2007-08 Fleer Sean May x3
2007-08 Fleer Adam Morrison x4
2007-08 Fleer Emeka Okafor x4
2007-08 Fleer Jason Richardson x2
2007-08 Fleer Gerald Wallace x3
2007-08 Fleer Ryan Hollins x6
2007-08 Fleer David Lee x3
2007-08 Fleer Jamal Crawford x3
2007-08 Fleer Eddy Curry x4
2007-08 Fleer Stephon Marbury x2
2007-08 Fleer Zach Randolph x4
2007-08 Fleer Nate Robinson x3
2007-08 Fleer Quentin Richardson x3
2007-08 Fleer Josh Childress x3
2007-08 Fleer Joe Johnson
2007-08 Fleer Tyronn Lue x3
2007-08 Fleer Josh Smith x2
2007-08 Fleer Marvin Williams x3
2007-08 Fleer Shelden Williams x4
2007-08 Fleer Salim Stoudamire x2
2007-08 Fleer Andrew Bogut x6
2007-08 Fleer Bobby Simmons x4
2007-08 Fleer David Noel x3
2007-08 Fleer Michael Redd x3
2007-08 Fleer Charlie Villenueva x3
2007-08 Fleer Desmond Mason x4
2007-08 Fleer Ray Allen x2
2007-08 Fleer Rajon Rondo x3
2007-08 Fleer Al Jefferson x4
2007-08 Fleer Paul Pierce x5
2007-08 Fleer Leon Powe x3
2007-08 Fleer Tony Allen x3
2007-08 Fleer Pau Gasol x2
2007-08 Fleer Rudy Gay
2007-08 Fleer Darko Milicic
2007-08 Fleer Damon Stoudamire x2
2007-08 Fleer Hakim Warrick x2
2007-08 Fleer Mike Miller x3
2007-08 Fleer Johan Petro x2
2007-08 Fleer Wally Szczerbiak
2007-08 Fleer Delonte West x3
2007-08 Fleer Luke Ridnour x4
2007-08 Fleer Chris Wilcox x5
2007-08 Fleer Nick Collison x3
2007-08 Fleer LaMarcus Aldridge x4
2007-08 Fleer Channing Frye x3
2007-08 Fleer Jarrett Jack x5
2007-08 Fleer Brandon Roy x2
2007-08 Fleer Martell Webster
2007-08 Fleer Sergio Rodriguez x6
2007-08 Fleer James Jones
2007-08 Fleer Shareef Abdur-Rahim x3
2007-08 Fleer Ron Artest x3
2007-08 Fleer Mike Bibby x2
2007-08 Fleer Francisco Garcia x3
2007-08 Fleer Kevin Martin x6
2007-08 Fleer Brad Miller x4
2007-08 Fleer Mikki Moore x5
2007-08 Fleer Ricky Davis x6
2007-08 Fleer Randy Foye x4
2007-08 Fleer Kevin Garnett x3
2007-08 Fleer Juwan Howard x6
2007-08 Fleer Marko Jaric x5
2007-08 Fleer Rashad McCants
2007-08 Fleer Craig Smith x4
2007-08 Fleer Hilton Armstrong
2007-08 Fleer Tyson Chandler x2
2007-08 Fleer Bobby Jackson x4
2007-08 Fleer Chris Paul x3
2007-08 Fleer Peja Stojakovic x4
2007-08 Fleer Morris Peterson x3
2007-08 Fleer Elton Brand x5
2007-08 Fleer Sam Cassell x6
2007-08 Fleer Paul Davis x5
2007-08 Fleer Corey Maggette x2
2007-08 Fleer Cuttino Mobley
2007-08 Fleer Chris Kaman x5
2007-08 Fleer Baron Davis x4
2007-08 Fleer Monta Ellis x3
2007-08 Fleer Al Harrington x2
2007-08 Fleer Stephen Jackson x6
2007-08 Fleer Matt Barnes x3
2007-08 Fleer Andris Biedrins x3
2007-08 Fleer Kwame Brown x3
2007-08 Fleer Kobe Bryant
2007-08 Fleer Andrew Bynum x3
2007-08 Fleer Jordan Farmar x3
2007-08 Fleer Lamar Odom x2
2007-08 Fleer Luke Walton x5
2007-08 Fleer Maurice Evans x2
2007-08 Fleer Carmelo Anthony x5
2007-08 Fleer Marcus Camby x2
2007-08 Fleer Allen Iverson x5
2007-08 Fleer Kenyon Martin x3
2007-08 Fleer Nene x6
2007-08 Fleer J.R. Smith x2
2007-08 Fleer Yakhouba Diawara x4
2007-08 Fleer Shane Battier x4
2007-08 Fleer Tracy McGrady x4
2007-08 Fleer Yao Ming x7
2007-08 Fleer Rafer Alston x5
2007-08 Fleer Bonzi Wells x2
2007-08 Fleer Steve Novak x4
2007-08 Fleer Carlos Boozer x2
2007-08 Fleer Ronnie Brewer x2
2007-08 Fleer Andrei Kirilenko x2
2007-08 Fleer Paul Millsap
2007-08 Fleer Mehmet Okur x3
2007-08 Fleer Deron Williams x2
2007-08 Fleer Jarron Collins x7
2007-08 Fleer Tim Duncan
2007-08 Fleer Tony Parker x3
2007-08 Fleer Manu Ginobili
2007-08 Fleer Bruce Bowen x5
2007-08 Fleer Brent Barry x3
2007-08 Fleer Robert Horry x5
2007-08 Fleer Michael Finley x2
2007-08 Fleer Leandro Barbosa x2
2007-08 Fleer Grant Hill x2
2007-08 Fleer Shawn Marion x5
2007-08 Fleer Steve Nash x5
2007-08 Fleer Amare Stoudemire x2
2007-08 Fleer Boris Diaw x4
2007-08 Fleer Raja Bell x2
2007-08 Fleer Maurice Ager x2
2007-08 Fleer Devean George x3
2007-08 Fleer Devin Harris x6
2007-08 Fleer Josh Howard x2
2007-08 Fleer Dirk Nowitzki x5
2007-08 Fleer Jerry Stackhouse x3
2007-08 Fleer Jason Terry
2007-08 Fleer Corey Brewer RC
2007-08 Fleer Michael Conley RC x2
2007-08 Fleer Javaris Crittenton RC x2
2007-08 Fleer Jared Dudley RC
2007-08 Fleer Nick Fazekas RC
2007-08 Fleer Jeff Green RC
2007-08 Fleer Al Horford RC
2007-08 Fleer Josh McRoberts RC
2007-08 Fleer Greg Oden RC
2007-08 Fleer Rodney Stuckey RC
2007-08 Fleer Al Thronton RC
2007-08 Fleer Nick Young RC x2
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Corey Brewer RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Daequan Cook RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Javaris Crittenton RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Kevin Durant RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Jeff Green RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Greg Oden RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Jason Smith RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Rodney Stuckey RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Al Thornton RC x2
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Alando Tucker RC
2007-08 Fleer 86-87 Variation Thaddeus Young RC x2
2007-08 Fleer Rookie Sensations Jeff Green RC
2007-08 Fleer Rookie Sensations Al Thornton RC
2007-08 Fleer Decades of Excellence Robert Parish x4
2007-08 Fleer Decades of Excellence Shaquille O'Neal x2
2007-08 Fleer Spencer Hawes GLOSSY RC
2007-08 Fleer Julian Wright GLOSSY RC

I also have tons of RC, high BV cards and base cards left to list. It's probably gonna take me awhile since I have so many, but be patient and keep checking back. I'll update as often as I can.

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