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Why Would I Do This?

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As my 09 Football Heroes Silver Auto Rookie set is winding down and getting bored of collecting Tyson Jackson, I wanted to try something new. For some reason, I'm a sucker for mini cards so that narrowed my choices down. I really liked the mini autos in Champs and the Museum Pieces cards sounded like they would be fun to collect, so I decide to pick up a box. I get the normal breakdown of 3 Threads (one being a nice Paul Stastny 2 color) and 1 Auto. The 3 Threads came in the first 4 packs of the box with the auto in the last pack. Oh, I forgot to mention the auto was Bobby Orr.

I check out ebay seeing if I can pick up more autos cheap and it's possible, so I decide my next project will be the Champ's Mini Auto Set. Then I look at the checklist.

O... M... G...

But being the glutton for punishment that I am, I decide to follow through. Sure, it'll take me a while and if I don't pull the barrage of short prints (including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Nolan Ryan just to name a few), they'll pop up some time.

My friend Eric comes over to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals and says to me, "There's no way you'll finish that set."

And the bet was born.

I have 1 year to complete the 81 card set.

If I DO complete the set in 1 year, Eric buys me 1 card with a maximum cost of $1,000!

If I DON'T complete the set in 1 year, I buy Eric a customized Boston Celtics jersey with an NBA Finals patch.

Up to now, the only other high bv auto I've seen is the Ovechkin owned by a friend of mine on another board. But he's not giving it up.

It's gonna be a long year.