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The move...

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So the last month of my life has been very hectic with becoming a certified teacher and getting a real job. Within the last month I have taken 4 state Excet content exams as well as my PPR Exam, I have moved to a new city (kinda) that is 200 miles away from my previous location, and landed my first "real" job since graduating college in 2008. All in all it has been a successful month that has been hicup free. It feels nice to know that I will be secure in my finances and will finally be able to go after and purchase some high end cards I have been after for a while. That in itself makes me very excited for this new start. I am slowly getting adjusted to my new city and this website as I am new here also. I am looking forward to meeting many good traders and hopefully a few friends along the way. Thanks for reading this if you did. Feel free to leave comments, positive ones that is. There will be more to come from the life of Rob. See you on down the trail.