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Rookie, Insert, Refractor Trade List

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-1950 Bowman Niel Berry (Tigers)
-1983 Topps Cal Ripken #163
-1987 Topps Barry Bonds RC #320 (Pirates)
-1987 Topps All-Star set Cal Ripken Jr. #37
-1987 Topps Cal Ripken #784
-1987 Donruss "The Ripken Baseball Family" #624
-1987 Donruss Diamond Kings #26 Cal Ripken Jr.
-1988 Topps Cal Ripken #650
-1988 Topps Will Clark RC #350 (Giants)
-1988 Donruss Will Clark RC #204 (Giants)
-1989 Topps Craig Biggio RC #49 (Astros)
-1989 Fleer Bill Ripken Black Box #616 (Orioles)
-1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr RC #33 (2x--Mariners)
-1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. RC #548 (Mariners)
-1989 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. #250
-1989 Topps All-Star Game Cal Ripken Jr. #5 of 22
-1990 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr. #96
-1991 Bowman Cal Ripken Jr #104
-1991 Bowman Jim Thome RC #68 (Indians)
-1991 Bowman Jeff Bagwell RC #183 (Astros)
-1991 Bowman Ivan Rodriguez RC #272 (Astros)
-1991 Score Chipper Jones RC #671 (Braves)
-1992 Babe Ruth Whitehall Collection Hologram NNO (Yankees)
-1992 Donruss Gallery of Stars Cal Ripken Jr #GS-11
-1992 Legends Sports Memorabilia Ntnl Sports Collector's Convention Cal Ripken Jr. #C12
-1992 Fleer Ultra Cal Ripken #11
-1993 Leaf Heading for the Hall Cal Ripken Jr #5 of 10
-1993 Fleer Ultra Top Glove Cal Ripken #15
-1994 Fleer Ultra Cal Ripken #9
-1994 Upper Deck Home Field Advantage Cal Ripken #281 (2x)
-1994 Fun Pack Foldouts Cal Ripken #219
-1994 Leaf Limited Cal Ripken #5
-1994 Stadium Club #638 Chipper Jones (Braves)
-1994 Studio Heritage Don Mattingly #4 of 8 (Yankees)
-1994 Upper Deck UDCA Alex Rodriguez #298 (Mariners)
-1994 Stadium Club HR Club Ken Griffey Jr. #262 (Mariners)
-1994 Stadium Club Dugout Dirt Ken Griffey Jr. # 7 of 12 (Mariners)
-1994 Upper Deck #52 "The Future..." Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)
-1994 Upper Deck #224 Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)
-1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond #224 Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)
-1995 Bleacher's Card Corp. 22kt Gold Cal Ripken (15505/25000)
-1995 Topps Finest Cal Ripken #120
-1995 SP Cal Ripken #1
-1996 Pinnacle Zenith Diamond Club Cal Ripken #5 of 20
-1996 Leaf Preferred Ken Griffey Jr #1 (Mariners)
-1996 Topps Tek Cal Ripken # 51
-1996 Fleer Update Encore Cal Ripken #U237
-1996 Fleer Update Smooth Leather Cal Ripken Jr #9 of 10
-1996 Topps Cal Ripken #200
-1996 Stadium Club Finest Cal Ripken #8 of 12
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken (#s 5, 6, 7, 13, 15, 16, 17)
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #5
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #6
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #7
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #13
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #15
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #16
-1996 Upper Deck Ripken Collection Cal Ripken #17
-1996 Pinnacle Cal Ripken #136
-1996 Collector's Choice Special Edition Silver Signature Jeff Bagwell
-1997 Bowman's Best Cal Ripken #64
-1997 Topps Chrome Cal Ripken #140
-1997 Pacific Gems of the Diamond Cal Ripken #GD-16
-1997 Leaf Legacy Collection Cal Ripken #188
-1997 Collector's Choice All-Star Connection Cal Ripken #13 of 45
-1997 Donruss Cal Ripken #35
-1997 Pinnacle Mint Cal Ripken #4 of 30
-1997 Collector's Choice Big Shots Derek Jeter # 13 of 19 (2x-Yankees)
-1997 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor Tony Gwynn #29 (Padres)
-1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Red Tony Gwynn #45 (Padres 2428/3999)
-1997 Score True Grit Cal Ripken #546
-1997 Score Interleague Moments Cal Ripken #257
-1998 Pacific Home Run Heroes Mark McGwire #1 (Cardinals)
-1998 Pacific Paramount Cal Ripken #17
-1998 CC Starquest Special Delivery Cal Ripken #DQ27
-1998 Fleer Ultra Cal Ripken #474
-1998 Upper Deck Sheer Dominance Silver Cal Ripken #SD8
-1998 UD Cal Ripken #145
-1998 Bowman's Best Fusion Cal Ripken/Ryan Minor #M18
-1998 Topps Stars Copper Chipper Jones #5 (Braves)
-1998 Ultimate Victory Derek Jeter # 39
-1998 Paramount Platinum Blue Jason Giambi #78 (Athletics)
-1998 UD Collector's Choice Starquest Special Delivery Ken Griffey Jr (Mariners)
-1999 Hologrfx #53 Ken Griffey Jr (Mariners)
-1999 Upper Deck Power Corps Cal Ripken #27
-1999 UD Choice Cover Glory Cal Ripken #36
-1999 UD Victory Cal Ripken #45
-1999 Topps Matt Holliday RC #442 (Rockies)
-1999 Upper Deck Hologrfx Future Fame Ken Griffey Jr. #F4 (Mariners)
-1999 UD Choice Starquest Blue Derek Jeter #SQ4

-2000 Topps All Topps Team Derek Jeter #AT16
-2000 Topps Cal Ripken #4
-2000 Upper Deck Accolades Cal Ripken #A5
-2000 Skybox Impact Cal Ripken #1
-2000 UD Cal Ripken #534
-2000 UD Hologrfx Cal Ripken #53
-2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Reprints #4 of 23 1957 Topps (Milwaukee Braves)
-2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Reprints #2 of 23 1954 Topps (Milwaukee Braves)
-2000 Topps Chrome Hank Aaron Commemorative Reprints #13 of 13 1966 Topps (Atlanta Braves)
-2000 UD Black Diamond Diamonation #D1 Ken Griffey Jr (Mariners)
-2000 Bowman Carl Crawford RC #440 (Rays)
-2000 Topps Stars Chipper Jones #47
-2000 Topps All0-Topps Team #AT18 Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)
-2001 Donruss Rookie Reprints Tony Gwynn #RR3 (Padres 0951/1983)
-2001 Topps Cal Ripken #158
-2001 Stadium Club Cal Ripken #55
-2002 Donruss Fan Club Cal Ripken #285

-2005 Donruss Threads Throwback Collection Nolan Ryan #TC-34 (Rangers)
-2005 Fleer Showcasing History Cal Ripken #124
-2005 Donruss Champions Cal Ripken #19
-2005 Donruss Champions Impressions Green Jason Varitek (Red Sox 25/25)
-2005 Topps Finest Refractor Tom Glavine #127 (Mets 152/399)
-2005 Topps Finest Blue Refractor Tom Glavine #127 (Mets 146/299)
-2005 Bowman A-rod Throwback Alex Rodriguez # AR-94 (Mariners)
-2005 Topps Finest XFractor Scott Kazmir #15 (Rays)
-2005 Bowman Chrome Refractor Tom Glavine #12 (Mets)
-2005 Bowman Chrome XFractor Tom Glavine #12 (Mets 070/225)
-2005 Topps Chrome Update Black Refractor Jeff Francoeur RC #UH2 (Braves)
-2005 Studio Heritage Cal Ripken #SH-11 (0701/1000)

2000 Crown Royale
-Jay Payton Rookie Silver
-Rickey Henderson Red (Mets)
-Hideo Nomo Red (2x-Tigers)
-Mo Vaugn Red (Angels)
-Jeff Cirillo Red (Rockies)
-Kenny Lofton Red (Indians)
-Bobby Abreu Red (Phillies)
-Corey Coskie Red (Twins)
-Brian Giles Red (Pirates)
-Chipper Jones Gold (Braves)

-2006 UD Artifacts Prince Fielder RC #41 (Brewers)
-2006 Topps Rookie of the Week Cal Ripken #14 of 25
-2006 Topps Turkey Red Cal Ripken #582
-2006 Ultra Gold Medallion Ryan Zimmerman RC #97 (Nationals)
-2006 Carlos Guillen Upper Deck Special F/X Red (Tigers--33/50)
-2006 Scott Downs Upper Deck Special F/X Red (Blue Jays--31/50)
-2006 Bowman Future's Game Prospects #FG43 Carlos Gonzalez
-2006 Bowman Blue Brady Clark (Brewers--333/500)
-2006 Bowman Blue Craig Biggio (Astros--007/500)
-2006 Bowman Blue Brandon Chaves (Pirates--234/500)
-2006 Bowman White Ofilio Castro (Nationals--108/120)
-2006 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Lee Mitchell (Marlins--203/250)


-2007 Topps 52 Mickey Mantle #7 (Yankees)
-2007 Turkey Red Mickey Mantle #77 (Yankees)
-2007 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Lineage Cal Ripken #105 (407/550)
-2007 SP Legendary Cuts Cal Ripken #5
-2007 Bowman's Best Green Jorge Posada #32 (Yankees 248/249)
-2007 Bowman's Best Green Mark Teixeira #15 (Braves 048/249)
-2007 Bowman's Best Green Josh Hamilton RC #69 (Reds 006/249)
-2007 Bowman's Best Road to 500 Arod
-2007 Upper Deck Atlanta Braves Checklist #556 Chipper Jones pictured (Braves)
-2007 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH230 Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces
-Michael Jordan #46 (White Sox)
-President Nixon #75 (2x)
-President Clinton #75
-Jackie Robinson #24 (Dodgers)
-Kirk Gibson #6 (Dodgers)
-Luis Aparicio # 62 (White Sox)
-Roberto Clemente #87 (Pirates)
-Yogi Berra/Jackie Robinson # 54 (Yankees/Dodgers)
-Reggie Jackson # 89 (Athletics)
-Babe Ruth #22 (Red Sox)
-Derek Jeter #30 (Yankees)
-Reggie Jackson Green Frame #18 (Yankees)
-Vladimir Guerrero Green Frame #32 (Angels)
-Boston Red Sox Green Frame #86
-Brooks Robinson Pinot Red #13 (Orioles 60/75)
-Cal Ripken Black Frame #10 (98/99)

2007 Bowman
-2007 Bowman Blue Lance Berkman (Astros--204/500)

-Justin Upton #BDPP110 (USA)
-Daisuke Matsuzaka #210 (Red Sox)
-Troy Tulowitzki #216 (Rockies)
-Jason Bay (Pirates)
-Mike Piazza (Athletics)
-Chad Billingsley (Dodgers)
-Mark Loretta (Astros)
-Chad Tracy (Dbacks)
-Chris Begg (Giants)
-Danny Payne (Padres)
-Tim Hudson (Braves)
-Nick Swisher (Athletics)
-Andrew Miller (Tigers)
-Adam Lind (Blue Jays)
-Adam Lind Blue Refractor (Blue Jays--026/150)
-Mark Loretta Xfractor (Astros--079/250)
-Tobi Stoner Xfractor (Mets--110/250)

2007 Topps Sterling
-Nolan Ryan #204 (Astros--092/250)
-Manny Ramirez #222 (Indians--059/250)

2007 Ultimate Collection
-Chris Duncan (Cardinals 444/450)
-Brett Myers (Phillies 166/450)
-Ian Snell (Pirates 091/450)
-Mark Teixeira (Rangers 432/450)
-Carlos Beltran (Mets 063/450)

2007 Exquisite
-John Smoltz (Braves 38/99)
-Pedro Martinez (Mets 24/99)
-Mark Teixeira (Braves 80/99)
-Rogers Clemens (Yankees 38/99, 64/99)
-Carlos Lee (Astros 63/99)
-Noah Lowry (Giants 63/99)
-Prince Fielder (Brewers 65/75)
-Michael Young (Rangers 33/75)
-BJ Upton (Rays 48/75)
-Mark Teahen (Royals 38/75)
-Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals 02/75)
-Carlos Delgado (Mets 13/75)
-Victor Martinez (Indians 06/75)

2007 SPx Iron Man Cal Ripkene Jr
2, 10, 13, 16, 22, 25,34, 37, 47 (2x), 50, 62, 67, 71, 81, 82, 89

-2008 Donruss Playoff Contenders Legendary Rookies Cal Ripken #3 (157/250)
-2008 Topps Opening Day Joey Votto RC #218 (Reds)
-2008 UD Masterpiece Ryne Sandberg # 19 (Cubs)
-2008 UD Masterpiece Ozzie Smith #83 (Cardinals)
-2008 UD Masterpiece Tom Seaver #105 (Mets)
-2008 UD Masterpiece Framed Blue 4 Luke Hochevar RC #74 (Royals 1/5)
-2008 UD Masterpiece Cal Ripken #53
-2008 UD Masterpiece Cal Ripken #55
-2008 UD Heroes Joe DiMaggio Blue (Yankees 092/199)
-2008 UD Heroes Todd Helton
-2008 UD Heroes Grey Todd Helton (Rockies--123/399)
-2008 Sweet Spot Chipper Jones #25 (Braves)
-2008 UD Premier Blue Luis Aparicio (White Sox 03/15)
-2008 Upper Deck Timeline Evan Longoria 92 RC #113 (Rays) (2x)
-2008 Upper Deck Timeline Evan Longoria 04 TT RC #303 (Rays)
-2008 Upper Deck Timeline Evan Longoria RC #311 (Rays)
-2008 Upper Deck Timeline Evan Longoria RC #65 (Rays)
-2008 Upper Deck X Evan Longoria RC #94 (Rays)
-2008 UD Starquest Common #SQ-4 Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)

Donruss Threads
-Diamond Kings Silver Rick Porcello (Tigers--103/250)
-Diamond Kings Silver Madison Bumgarner (Giants--020/250)
-Diamond Kings Framed Blue George Brett (Royals--30/50)
-Diamond Kings Framed Green George Kell (Tigers--25/25)
-Diamond Kings Framed Red Mike Schmidt (Phillies--086/100)
-Diamond Kings Framed Red Duke Snider (Dodgers--021/100)
-Century Stars Platinum Mike Schmidt (Phillies--077/100)

Emerald Parallel
-Gerardo Parra (Dbacks--208/250, 203/250)
-Alex Cobb (Rays--227/250)
-Heath Rollins (Rays--023/250)
-Brad James (Astros--017/250)
-Ryan Miller (Indians--036/250)
-Danny Carrol (Mariners--199/250)
-Stolmy Pimentel (Red Sox--057/250, 125/250, 244/250)
-Luis Cruz (Astros--026/250)
-Jose Tabata (Mets--112/250)
-Fernando Garcia (Royals--217/250)
-Lucas Duda (Yankees--139/250)
-Edilio Colina (Mariners--084/250)
-Mat Gamel (Brewers--126/250)
-Brian Duensing (Twins--071/250, 227/250)
-Will Clark (Giants--174/250)
-Willie Mays (Giants--136/250)
-Mike Schmidt (Phillies--008/250)
-Tim Raines (Expos--084/250)
-Reggie Jackson (Athletics--184/250)
-Don Mattingly (Yankees--037/250, 222/250)
-Gary Carter (Mets--163/250)
-Tom Seaver (Reds--249/250)
-Eddie Murray (Orioles--098/250)
-Brooks Robinson (Orioles--080/250)

Silver Parallel
-Tony Perez (Reds--040/100**damage)
-Steve Carlton (Phillies--051/100)
-John Raynor (Marlins--098/100**damage)
-Luis Cruz (Astros--004/100)
-Lou Marson (Phillies--024/100)
-Abraham Almonte (Yankees--074/100)
-Jose Ceda (Cubs--033/100)
-Brian Friday (Pirates--037/100)
-Jharmidy DeJesus (Mariners--057/100)
-David Bromberg (Twins--086/100)

Gold Parallel
-Luis Aparicio (White Sox--25/50)
-Gary Carter (Mets--39/50**damage)
-Don Larsen (Yankees--08/50)
-Brandon Waring (Reds--14/50)
-Mason Tobin (Angels-08/50)
-David Bromberg (Twins--29/50)
-Nevin Griffith (White Sox--39/50**damage)

Platinum Parallel (#'d /25)
-Yefri Carvajal (Padres--08/25)
-Danny Duffy (Royals--15/25)
-George Brett (Royals 06/25)

2008 Topps Chrome
-Mickey Mantle Home Run History #MHRC400
-Mickey Mantle Home Run History #MHRC430
-Cameron Maybe Refractor (Marlins)
-Andre Ethier Blue Refractor (Dodgers)
-Travis Buck Xfractor (Athletics)
-Hanley Ramirez Topps Chrome Trading Card History Hanley Ramirez #TCHC41 (Marlins)
-Paul Konerko Topps Heritage #C106 (White Sox)

2008 Topps Finest
-Nick Blackburn RC Refractor (Twins)
-Delmon Young Refractor (Twins)
-Matt Holliday Refractor (Rockies)
-Greg Maddux Refractor (Padres)
-Orlando Cabrera Refractor (White Sox)
-Melky Cabrera Topps Team Favorites Refractor (Yankees)
-Mark Teixeria Blue Refractor (Rangers 171/299)
-Alex Gordon Blue Refractor (Royals 216/299)
-Dan Uggla Green Refractor (Marlins 151/199)
-Andy Pettite Green Refractor (Yankees 147/199)
-Andy Pettite Black Refractor (Yankees 97/99)
-Eric Byrnes Topps Finest Moments Gold Refractor (Dbacks 41/50)

2008 Bowman
-Austin Jackson # BP50 (Yankees)
-Rick Porcello # BDPP1 (Tigers)
-Rick Porcello Gold # BDPP1 (Tigers)
-Pablo Sandoval Gold # BDPP84 (Giants)
-Gary Sheffield BLUE #159 (Tigers 306/500)
-Tommy Everidge ORANGE #BP86 (Athletics 023/250)

2008 Bowman Chrome
-Dominic Brown BCP199 (Phillies)
-Kazuo Matsui XFRACTOR (Astros 092/250)
-Ivan Rodriguez BLUE REFRACTOR (Tigers 102/150)
-Miles Reagan #BDPP18 XFRACTOR (Dbacks 186/199)
-Tyler Sample #BDPP29 XFRACTOR (Royals 099/199)
-Ryan Mattheus #BDPP106 XFRACTOR (Rockies 099/199)
-Elvin Ramirez # BCP240 BLUE REFRACTOR (Mets 050/150)
-Mike DeJesus # BCP224 BLUE REFRACTOR (Reds 063/150)

-Carlos Guillen (Tigers)
-Barry Zito (Giants)
-Manny Ramirez (Red Sox)
-Nick Swisher (White Sox)
-Torii Hunter (Angels)
-Garret Atkins (Rockies)
-Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Rangers)
-Jeff Kent (Dodgers)
-Greg Maddux (Padres)
-Delmon Young (Twins)
-Bobby Abreu (Yankees)
-Derek Lee (2x--Cubs)
-Ryan Garko (Indians)
-Travis Hafner (Indians)
-Adrian Beltre (Mariners)
-Ichiro (Mariners)
-Yadier Molina (Cardinals)
-Hanley Ramirez (Marlins)
-Hideki Matsui (Yankees)
-Alex Rios (Blue Jays)
-Eric Byrnes (DBacks)
-Chipper Jones (Braves)
-Mark Buehrke (White Sox)
-Stephen Drew (Dbacks)
-Prince Fielder (Brewers)
-Sean Rodriguez RC (Angels)
-David Purcey RC (Blue Jays)
-Reid Brignac RC (Rays)
-Todd Helton (Rockies)
-Melvin Mora (Orioles)
-Chris Young (Dbacks)
-Johnny Damon (Yankees)
-Zack Cozart #BCP209 (Reds)
-Jeremy Beckham #BDPP23 (Rays)
-Jason Corder #BDPP43 (Rays)
-Bobby Lanigan # BDPP64 (Twins)
-Will Kline #BCP236 (Rays)
-Richard Bleier #BDPP22 (Rangers)

2008 Bowman Sterling Refractors
-Jeff Samardzija (Cubs 047/199)
-Dusty Ryal (Dbacks 016/199)
-Nick Romero (Twins 022/199)
-Brad Ziegler (Athletics 136/199)
-Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs 054/199)

2008 Topps Triple Threads
Red (#'d /1350)
-Mark Ellis #26 (Athletics)
-Justin Verlander # 131 (Tigers)
-Rollie Fingers #81 (Athletics)
-Ben Sheets #52 (Brewers)
-John Bowker #235 (Giants)
-Edgard Martinez #21 (Mariners)
-Jose Valverde #87 (Astros)
-Bobby Jenks #83 (White Sox)
-Chase Utley #24 (Phillies)
-Aaron Harang #237 (Reds)
-Jimmie Fox #228 (Athletics)
-Yogi Berra #98 (Yankees)
-Ryne Sandberg #11 (Cubs)
-Darryl Strawberry #43 (Mets)
-Steve Garvey #32 (Dodgers)

Brown (#'d /525)
-Nolan Ryan #2 (Astros)
-Francisco Cordero #25 (Reds)
-Johnny Damon #3 (Yankees)

-C.C. Sabathia Green #23 (Indians 215/240)
-Tony Gwynn Black #128 (Padres 22/30)

-2009 Goodwin Champions Rollie Fingers #17 (Athletics)
-2009 Goodwin Champions Mini Ryan Braun #49 (Brewers)
-2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniv. Derek Jeter #1386
-2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniv. Derek Jeter #432
-2009 UD Signature Stars Chipper Jones #25 (Braves)
-2009 UD A Piece of History #23 Ken Griffey Jr (White Sox)

2009 Bowman/Bowman Chrome
-2009 Bowman Neftali Feliz
-2009 Bowman Chrome Matt LaPorta (Indians)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Bobby Parnell (Mets)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Russell Martin (Dodgers)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Francisco Liriano (Twins)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Cliff Lee (Indians--067/150)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Alex Gordon (Royals--208/250)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor Alex Gordon (Royals--5/5)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Juan Miranda (Yankees)
-2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Refractor Chih-Kang-Kao (Chinese Taipei)
-2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Refractor Masahiro Tanaka (Japan)
-2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Purple Refractor Clayton Mortensen (Athletics)
-2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Purple Refractor Norichika Aoki (Japan)

2009 Topps Sterling
-Carl Erskine #118 (Dodgers--194/250)
-Evan Longoria #100 (Rays--018/250)
-Prince Fielder #10 (Brewers--118/250)
-Stan Musial #28 (Cardinals--102/250)
-Robin Yount #72 (Brewers--202/250)
-Monte Irvin #112 (Mets--233/250)
-Johnny Podres #122 (Dodgers--164/250)
-Johnny Damon #45 Framed Burgundy (Yankees--03/10)
-Brandon Webb #88 Framed Gold (Dbacks--1/5)

2009 Upper Deck Starquest
-Alex Rodriguez Gold Rare (Yankees)
-Alex Rodriguez Black Ultra Rare (Yankees)
-Miguel Cabrera Emerald Super Rare (Tigers)
-Manny Ramirez Blue Uncommon (Dodgers)
-Ian Kinsler Emerald Super Rare (Rangers)
-Grady Sizemore Gold Rare (Indians)
-Ryan Braun Blue Uncommon (Brewers)
-Hanley Ramirez Emerald Super Rare (Marlins)
-Evan Longoria Silver Common (Rays)
-Justin Morneau Silver Common (Twins)
-B.J. Upton Silver Common (Rays)

-2010 Topps Jason Heyward RC #353A (Braves)
-2010 Bowman Chipper Jones #125 (Braves)
-2010 Bowman #40 Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)

2010 Bowman Chrome
-Starlin Castro RC (Cubs)
-Eric Young Jr. RC (Rockies)
-Elvis Andrus (Rangers)
-Avery Barnes (Rockies)
-Josh Satin (Mets)
-Michael Kirkman (Rangers)
-Jordan Pacheco (Rockies)
-Adeinis Hechavarria (Blue Jays)
-Dillon Maples (USA)


-Max Scherzer (Tigers)
-Ryan Dempster (Cubs)
-Josh Bell Topps 100 (Orioles)
-Scott Sizemore Topps 100 (Tigers--401/499)

-Anderson Hidalgo (Cardinals)
-Bryan Mitchell (Yankees)
-T.J. McFarland (Indians)
-Kevin Mahoney (Yankees)
-Robbie Erlin (Rangers)
-Tyler Chatwood (Angels)

Purple Refractors
-Tommy Pham (Cards--270/899)
-Nicholas Hernandez (Phillies--190/899)

2010 Topps Triple Threads
-Johnny Mize Red #33 (Cardinals 0775/1350)
-Aaron Hill Red #110 (Blue Jays 0734/1350)
-Mike Schmidt Red #75 (Phillies 0254/1350)
-Justin Upton Brown #44 (Dbacks 268/525)
-Roger Maris Brown #109 (Yankees 035/525)

Best of Chrome Refractors
-Stephen Strasburg
-Starlin Castro
-Jason Heyward
-Mickey Mantle
-Jackie Robinson

2010 Topps Chrome

I probably have two or three complete sets, let me know which player(s) you are looking for!
-I do have rookies of Heyward, Strasburg, Castro, Stanton, etc...

1-Prince Fielder
4-Bobby Abreu
5-Johnny Cueto (2x)
7-Mickey Mantle
8-Tommy Hanson
16-Howie Kendrick
17-Joey Votto
20-Manny Ramirez
26-Joe Saunders (2x)
27-Tim Lincecum
33-Daniel Murphy
34-Erick Aybar
35-Andrew McCutchen
37-Jorge Posada
40-Cliff Lee
46-Tim Hudson
50-Joe Mauer
57-Josh Hamilton
59-Adam Lind
60-Nick Johnson
61-Hideki Matsui
62-Pablo Sandoval
67-Josh Beckett
73-Lance Berkman
75-Mark Teixeira
77-Akinori Iwamura
80-Stephen Drew
84-Adam Dunn
87-Elvis Andrus
90-Alex Rios
92-Felix Hernandez
93-Carlos Gonzalez
100-Russell Martin
108-Michael Young
109-Dustin Pedroia (2x)
116-Jimmy Rollins
119-Delmon Young
120-Johan Santana
121-Roy Oswalt
125-Jon Lester (2x)
130-Daisuke Matsuzaka
132-Michael Cuddyer
133-Carlos Quentin
135-Carlos Beltran (2x)
143-Troy Tulowitzki
147-Mark Reynolds
148-Jared Weaver (2x)
150-B.J Upton
153-Hanley Ramirez
154-Alex Gordon
155-Mike Napoli
156-Miguel Cabrera
163-Dan Uggla
168-Glen Perkins
169-Matt Garza (2x)
170-Raul Ibanex
179-John Ely
180-Jason Donald
189-Wilson Ramos
190-Mike Stanton
193-Lance Zawadzki
199-Allen Craig
200-Jenrry Mejia
207-Tommy Manzella
214-Ivan Nova
217-Hisanori Takahashi
219-Drew Stubbs
220-Wade Davis

7-Mickey Mantle
11-Zach Duke
12-Victor Martinez
14-Josh Johnson
17-Joey Votto
21óC.C. Sabathia
26-Joe Saunders
36-Gordon Beckham
37-Jorge Posada (2x)
42-Ryan Dempster
41-Freddy Sanchez
44-Matt Holliday
48-Justin Upton
50-Joe Mauer
52-Miguel Tejada
59-Adam Lind
61-Hideki Matsui
66-Alexei Ramirez
83-Orlando Hudson
84-Adam Dunn
114-Robinson Cano
119-Ryan Zimmerman
135-Carlos Beltran
137-Ryan Braun
142-Mark Buehrle (2x)
159-Brandon Webb
166-Brian Roberts
192-Chris Heisey
194-Cesar Valdez
201-Ruben Tejada
-205-Ian Desmond
207-Tommy Manzella

Blue Refractors
33-Daniel Murphy
61-Hideki Matsui
70-Max Scherzer

Purple Refractors
25-Adrian Gonzalez
26-Joe Saunders
29-J.A. Happ
90-Alex Rios
189-Wilson Ramos
192-Chris Heisey
197-Brandon Hicks

Orange Refractors
17-Joey Votto
25-Adrian Gonzalez
26-Joe Saunders
40-Cliff Lee
48-Justin Upton
55-Jason Bay
69-Matt Kemp
73-Lance Berkman
80-Stephen Drew
92-Felix Hernandez (2x)
107-Edinson Volquez
108-Michael Young (2x)
113-Hiroki Kuroda
114-Robinson Cano
115-Torii Hunter
117-Delmon Young
125-Jon Lester
152-Nick Markakis
184-Ike Davis
197-Brandon Hicks
203-Jesse English
204-Tyson Ross

Gold Refractors (/50)
128-David Ortiz
153-Hanley Ramirez

-Ntnl Chicle Chrome Aramis Ramirez
-Ntnl Chicle Chrome James Loney
-Ntnl Chicle Chrome Nick Markakis
-Ntnl Chicle Blue Refractor Carlos Beltran (120/199)
-Ntnl Chicle Blue Refractor Chris Coghlan (057/199)
-Ntnl Chicle Gold Refractor Hunter Pence (24/50)
-Heritage Chrome Manny Ramirez (2x)
-Heritage Chrome Cliff Lee
-Heritage Chrome Refractor Martin Prado (107/561)
-Heritage Chrome Dustin Pedroia
-206 Chrome Refractor Tim Lincecum
-206 Chrome Refractor Ryan Braun
-206 Chrome Ref. Shane Victorino

2010 Bowman Platinum
-PP3-Jeremy Hellickson (Rays)
-PP8-Adeiny Hechavarria (Blue Jays)
-PP15-Grant Green (Athletics)
-PP22-John Lamb
-PP26-Jose Iglesias (Red Sox)
-PP29-Tyler Anderson Collegiate National Team
-PP34-Jason Esposito Collegiate National Team
-PP40-Mikie Mahtook Collegiate National Team
-PP44-Peter O'Brien Collegiate National Team
-PP48-George Springer Collegiate National Team
-16-Andrew Cashner (Cubs)
-23-Carlos Santana (Indians)
-36-Mark Teixeira (Yankees)
-37-Ryan Kalish (Red Sox)
-38-Tim Lincecum (Giants)
-41-Josh Bell (Orioles)
-42-Daniel Nava (Red Sox)
-55-Wade Davis (Rays)
-58-Brad Lincoln (Pirates)
-79-Austin Jackson (Tigers)
-86-Mike Stanton (Marlins)
-91-Jason Heyward (Braves)

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