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Section 13.01 Buying and Selling Reward Points:

Reward Points may be bought and sold. This can be done in our Rewrd Points Exchange forum. These transactions ARE allowed to be posted in the trade manager.

***NOTE*** Begging for Reward Points is not permitted.

Section 13.02 Buying/Selling cards with Reward Points:

Reward Points can be used in the Reward Points Store. The store is filled with many items for SCF members. The picture you see in the store is the exact card in hand and the condition that it is being sent. Please contact the person who uploaded the pictured for more details.

In addition members may also buy and sell Reward Points in our various Reward Points for card forums located HERE.

Section 13.03 Reward Point deals are still your responsibilty:

Seller is responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the shipping of items from the Reward Points store in accordance with Article V, Section 5.01.

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