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Sports Card Forum - A Sports Card Community FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Section 5.01 Senders Responsibilty:

Senders are responsible for items until received by their trade partner. This is why SCF recommends insurance and/or delivery confirmation.

Section 5.02 Dispute Help:

All trades must be made with the trade manager. Failure to do so forfeits any right to dispute moderation by SCF staff.

If additional terms are put into the trade manager and are confirmed, that overrides any other SCF trade related rules and those deals WILL be allowed to moderation by our dispute staff. For example, if a member 20 feedback or more sends first to a MSF member because there was a stipulation in the trade manager that stated they were to send first, and it's confirmed then the deal would be eligible to dispute moderation.

Section 5.03 Incoming Cards:

You may discuss trading incoming cards, but cannot finalize a trade until the card(s) are in your possession. Failure to do so will result in an infraction being issued. Items must be “in hand” to be posted in the trade manager.

Section 5.04 Dealing items you have recevied:

Any item received from a transaction posted in the trade manager, cards, money sent through the mail, Pay-Pal , etc., cannot be dealt or sold until the transaction is marked completed by both members. If a dispute is filed, the member who dealt the item would be subject to warnings, infractions, or any actions SCF Staff deem necessary.

Section 5.05 Deals not marked complete in the trade manager:

If after 14 days (or 21 days for international trades) a trade is not marked complete in the Trade Manager, either trader may contact staff for assistance. SCF staff will contact the other trader to verify the transaction status. Staff will not mark trades complete but will add a note to the account if a response is not received. SCF Staff will then notify the trader that the deal is considered complete.

Section 5.06 Specify terms in the trade manager:

Be as detailed as possible. Some examples of terms may include but not limited to who is sending first, serial numbers for card(s), how much is to be paid, how payment is to be made, etc...

The more detailed the terms the better staff can help during a dispute if one would arise with your transaction.

Section 5.07 How long do I have to send my end:

Trades must be sent within 3 working days of confirming in the Trade Manager unless other terms are negotiated and listed in the trade manager (see 6.06). This applies to paypal payments as well. This section does not supersede Article II – MSF.

Working days constitute Monday through Saturday as this is when the PO is open.

Section 5.08 Condition of item(s):

Any prior damage must be reported to your potential trade partner.

Section 5.09 What can I sell or trade on SCF:

See section 1.01 Section 1.01

Members can deal anything not on the list from the link above. SCF still reserves the right to refuse certain items on a case by case basis.

Members may sell tickets for sporting events and MUST abide by all laws for the state they reside in. This is the seller's responsibility to know these laws. SCF's suggestion is to sell them at face value to avoid any issues.

SEALED Boxes and Cases can be sold BUT you must post a clear picture of the box/case showing that it is still factory sealed.

Section 5.10 These types of deals are not elligible to be placed in the TM:

Deals involving trades where neither party sends anything through the mail (other than a form of monetary payment) cannot be posted in the Trade Manager. These types of deals are not allowed to be posted in the trade manager:

  • Free Cards

  • In person trades

  • SASE

  • Reward codes (i.e. coke codes etc.)

  • Redemption codes that are being sent via PM/Email.

Section 5.11 Preselling of Items:

Pre-selling of items, or requiring advance payments to order in bulk is prohibited here on SCF. Advanced payment for group breaks run by SCF staff or sponsor in accordance with 1.02 (b) are exempt from this section.

Section 5.12 Disputing Trades/Sales:

(a) Confirmed deals may be put into dispute status after 14 business days of it being confirmed.

(b) If your deal has you receiving paypal as payment you may put it into dispute after 5 days.

(c) Do not leave feedback for a deal until the dispute MOD tells you to.

(d) If you have more than 1 dispute filed against you at a time then you will be given a No Buying/Selling/Trading tag until all of your current all deals (confirmed open deals) are completed. Then the tag will be removed.

(e) Failure to follow the rules only slows down the dispute process and the time it takes the dispute MOD to work your case.

(f) Acceptable forms of proof of mailing are > tracking #, receipt showing city/state mailed to, or stamped customs form receipt

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