Pro Football Hall of Fame Collectors

  1. dfr52
    Welcome Pro Football HOF collectors.
  2. 24redsfan
    i collect buffalo bills hofer's
  3. Alfordron
    I collect HOF'ers of any kind. Into the Jersey/Auto's and regular auto's mostly
  4. hazeofgreen
    Sweet. =) I'm all over the place lol
  5. dfr52
    Excellent, glad to see others interested in former players and HOF'ers.
  6. dfr52
    24redsfan any favs among the BIlls HOF'ers.
  7. dfr52
    Alfordron love the new avatar.
  8. dfr52
    If you could remove or add any HOF'ers who would it be?

    I'd bump Tippett and add Tasker.
  9. James
    If you could remove or add any HOF'ers who would it be?

    I would add LB Chuck Howley and LB Randy Gradishar. WR Mac Speedie, C Mick Tinglehoff. Not sure who I would remove.
  10. James
    I would remove Randall McDaniel and Derrick Thomas
  11. dfr52
    This might be Gradishar's year.
  12. dfr52
    I don't know I really like those two.
  13. James
    They were good, great at times, may be it's just me.
  14. dfr52
    Mcdaniel was a dominant Guard and Thomas was an awesome pass rusher but there have been questions about his ability to cover receivers and stop the run.
  15. James
    That is true about McDaniel, I know Coach Troup liked either McDaniel or Zimmerman a lot.
  16. dfr52
    I was watching a re-air of a 94 K.C. v. Denver and Zimmerman shut Thomas down for the most part. He couldn't get past him.
  17. James
    I remember Zimmerman was really, really good. I couldn't believe when the Vikings let him go.
  18. Alfordron
    Thanks on the new Avatar....I don't know that I would bump Tippett, but I would surely add Tasker..Like you said before, no one like him before or since. He made 7 pro bowls and was the only special teams player to win a league MVP, all at 5' 9" 183lbs.
  19. dfr52
    And he wasn't a horrible receiver. I really didn't see Tippett play. The Pats were bad and not on TV too often.
  20. James
    I don't know if he'll ever get in, as Jan Stenerud is the only kicker, Ray Guy still isn't in, so I'm not sure about Tasker.

    Alfordron, your avatar, is that Munchak or Matthews? It's too small for me to make out. My wife is a HUGE Texans fan.
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