The Gagner Gang

  1. oilfan10
    We collect all things awesome. And all things awesome are Sam Gagner!
  2. quiet-things
    woo hoo!
  3. Pheebs888
    Good luck with the group gang ;)
  4. quiet-things
    Let's post our favourite Gagner cards into the pictures section
  5. OilersRule
    I second that !!! :)
  6. quiet-things
    Anyone else have any scans to put up??
  7. Ozzy9999
    Draft boards are cool.Yep
  8. quiet-things
    Agreed! I think that picture they used is too funny though. and 1G and 1A is last night's pre-season game, woo. I hope this means great things for him this season :)
  9. quiet-things
    I've got some big additions on the way... (and hopefully a few more). I'm excited for these maildays!
  10. quiet-things
    Check out my auto'd McFarlane :) (am I talking to myself here? :( )
  11. oilfan10
    No you're not Houng lol, I'm got probably my most impressive rainbow coming up. I would've taken a picture today, but I have a calculus test tomorrow :(
  12. Hockeymetal89
    I sure hope this is Gagner's breakout year!!!
  13. quiet-things
    Can I guess what it is Jordan??
  14. quiet-things
    And yes I really hope so because he is in one of my pools this year lol
  15. oilfan10
    Yes, you can guess lol I'm sure you can guess it with a little ebay completed listings and some research...
  16. quiet-things
    Is it a plate to complete that YG pic that's up there? :P
  17. oilfan10
    I can blame RGM81 for that hole in my pocket. He said on one of my threads, "Get a plate and serve 'em up!" and I took it to heart haha I just need a 4-card case for them all.

    I convinced kroetche to take your paypal offer since I don't have any myself. We're gonna hopefully get a trade night going where I can get that Gagner off of him somehow. So he did us both a pretty big favor! You have paypal, and I've found an alternate method of getting the EoE.

    Just a week and a half till the Oilers season opener!
  18. quiet-things
    LOL I didn't know you played a part in that :P Very good for both of us... I don't know which card I should've kept, they both looked really nice... some might say the one I'm giving up looks better... I don't know!BTW is it the black, or cyan was it? plate that ended a few weeks ago?
  19. oilfan10
    It was the black one. Lee has two Cyans which is odd... either way 1 of 1, or 1 of 2 it doesn't really matter to me!
  20. quiet-things
    Yeah there has been lots of double plate colours, which is weird. Add two new cards to the gallery :)
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