Still Collecting 2004 RCs

  1. KearyColbert8385
    hell yeah! Best draft class!
  2. alstott3_16
    Yeah, great draft class. Except for the three guys we decided to collect.
  3. alstott3_16
    So where do you guys search for cards outside of Ebay?? Obviously COMC is great but thats really all I use. I just recently joined Blowouts forum but haven't had a ton of success finding Claytons. Every once in a while I'll find someone on here that has a few I need. I was on Freedomcardboard but their Football side is VERY slow so I've stopped going there.

    When buying on sites I usually find it pretty hard to convince people that regardless of how rare the Clayton is they have, it probably wouldn't sell for more than $10 on Ebay so I won't pay the $30 they are asking for.
  4. jrlebert
    I go through a ton of sites, usually every morning. Here is my list:'s marketplace's forum
    ebay (almost nothing ever there, at least for me)'s forum
    card collector's world's forum
    freedom card board's forum
    hobby insider's forum
    hobby kings' forum
    sports card freaks' forum
    sports card fun's message board's forum's forum
    trading card central's forum

    that's all of them for me, but I only post on a lot of the forums every few days or so.
  5. jrlebert
    any major cards added by either of you lately? nothing on my end in a while.
  6. jrlebert
    Anything lately?
  7. KearyColbert8385
    I havent anything really lately
  8. KearyColbert8385
    Just picked up 20+ Unique cards for my collection! Now close to 87%
  9. jrlebert
    Just picked up a new GU jersey of Matt's! Rookie year green home Eagles jersey! Pics coming in my HOF thread tomorrow!
  10. jrlebert
    Any new updates, y'all?
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