Baseball Collectors, Come On In

  1. gladdyontherise
    lets start this out, i collect justin verlander and love the detroit tigers!
  2. biggynate
    I collect The Red Sox and Prospects! I'm also starting to look for Brad Harmon cards as well!
  3. etmill01
    I collect NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates..Thanks Ed
  4. battingseventh
    What can I say New York Baseball is the Best--My collection is Mets and Yankees--would love to help other Team Collectors (will help me to make room) anyway I can
  5. gladdyontherise
    who do you guys think is the best team right now, i'd say the phillies or dbacks, phillies are in first with a struggling ryan howard and rollins on the bench, but utley is on fire. and the dbacks have webb, haren and owings killing everyone
  6. npirates25
    i think arizona will is a betetr team becasue of the reasons u said and i collect the cardinals and albert pujols hes the man
  7. angel0430
    I collect mostly players from Puerto Rico. Also GU/AUTO's/RC.
  8. battingseventh
    Hope everyone in the Group is doing good.--Angel0430--Anyone special from Puerto Rico you looking for ? Bowlerontherise--I have a jersey card from D. Willis (in Marlin uniform) etmill01-anyone special you looking for ?
  9. gladdyontherise
    nah. i only collect verlander!
  10. battingseventh
    Bowlerontherise---Any J. Verlander cards ?? or what is on your wish list ?
  11. gladdyontherise
    anything i dont already have. i got a needlist in the baseball trading forum
  12. battingseventh
    Hope all my fellow card-a-maniacs are doing well
  13. schwood
    Hey all. I collect the Red Sox. Anything Red Sox. And I have a ton of base to trade if you are willing to trade base for base. LMK. PM works best.
  14. natsfan
    hey guy any one got any nationals or ryan zimmerman
  15. wintwins
    looking for any and all Twins (base, parallel, insert, etc.), willing to trade all other team stuff for them.
  16. JNV
    Im new to SCF. Im trying to complete a set of 2008 allen and ginter base and minis and Im a big BoSox fan. I have tons of base cards and willing to trade for anything i may need, I also have a few GU and Autos for trade. Just ask tell me what your looking for!
  17. tonyjord3
    Hey guys. I'm brand new to this online trading community thing. I'm trying to complete my Upper Deck Baseball 2008 Series 1 and 2 sets and sub sets. I need a whole lot of cards and I don't really know how to go about doing that. If anyone can help, please send me a message and let me know what you or I could do for me.

  18. boxbreaker12
    hey does anyone have any cubs cards or sammy sosa stuff?
  19. boxbreaker12
    cubs rock
  20. elhombre5
    I love anything ST.LOUIS CARDINALS! (No offense to you Cubs fan members)
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