Maryland Collectors

  1. dallascisco
    I live in Germantown!
  2. GangGreen52
    I'm in Derwood/Rockville. Glad to have another member!
  3. Max
    I'm from Glen Burnie! :)
  4. GangGreen52
    Hey Wasp!

    What store do you go to?
  5. Max
    lol, to be honest, I don't really have a good card shop around me that I know of. :( If you could recommend one, that would be swell! :D

    Btw, my name is Max.
  6. GangGreen52
    One I would recomend is Hall of Fame Cards. They have 2 locations 1 in Gaithersburg and 1 in Cabin John Mall. They keep the packs behind the counter and you have a GREAT shot at pulling something great.

    One I would avoid at all cost would be House of Cards in Silver Spring. The packs are in the middle of the store and are searched. I used to work there and I bought 10/12 packs of Sweet Spot update only to pull a Mikael Folch Quad Jersey and find the 2 autos from the other 2 packs on a Co-Workers desk. I also couldn't get a straight answer out of someone else as to how can the $20 8x10 autos of Stars be ligit when there $20. Also JSA came one day and said an A-Rod ball was not authentic and the owner put it back on the shelf. DO NOT GO THERE.. I got laid off a week before I was going to quit.
  7. Max
    Thanks, dude. I'll make sure to check them out sometime. :D
  8. mintman2
    Found this little tidbit online. I'll probably end up going but haven't confirmed yet.

    Crab Feast Fundraiser At Ripken Stadium In Aberdeen
  9. GangGreen52
    That sounds like fun, but I have a shellfish allergy and can't eat crabs, lobster, etc. Crabs looks SOOOOO good, but I can't have them.
  10. Max
    I tried to go to the HOF Cards in Gaithersburg but it appears that it was been torn down. lol, :(
  11. GangGreen52
    The one in Muddy Branch Plaza? There used to be one in Rockville across from White Flint Mall and that one was torn down.
  12. GangGreen52
    Muddy Branch Square Shopping Center
    832 Muddy Branch Road
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878
    (301) 519-1955
  13. Max
    ah, thanks a lot! :)
  14. shapingle
    hey guys, just joined this gruop, i collect ray lwisand orioles autos, any 1 have any? i live in earleville on the eastern shore.
  15. GangGreen52
    Welcome to the group.. I havea bunch of Orioles, but I collect them too so there NFT.
  16. AquaholicFishing
    Just want to say hey to all of you. Just got back into collecting after 12 years, deal exclusivly in hockey.
  17. shapingle
    sooooooooo guys! isnt this gruop awesome!?
  18. GangGreen52
    Just not too many people in it, so it kind of died down.
  19. kidman232
    whats up guys
  20. brosenjill
    Hey guys, just joined couple days ago. Living in southern MD
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