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    How much are Prior rookies going for


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    i see you got your account activated.....Prior is going for pretty high right now....Everyone is grabbing his Rc's.

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    I remember I bought a box of 01 rookie update two years ago and i pulled a sweet spot rc of prior and it was booking for like 15 its booking for seems like anything Prior, Pujols, and Willis is hot right now

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    wow! I just got back into trading cards this year after a long break. The prices of these packs of cars really stinks. I only buy single cards now instead of packs

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    you can always check ebay for good deals.

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    yup, thats one of the things i do now. Ebay is awesome!

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    You've got plenty of time to grab Prior RCs at bargain prices.

    I don't remember the last time a pitcher's card kept going higher and higher.

    Look at Randy Johnson -- his cards can be bought a bit cheaper now that he's been injured than back a couple years ago.

    Same for Kerry Wood -- he was red hot coming out. Then missed that year for elbow surgery, and he's no longer as hot

    Don't buy when everyone wants them. That'll guarantee you're paying a premium

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    depends, the ultimate collection, leaf RS, spx, and sp authentic autos go for 150+ usually, the others you can get relatively cheap.

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