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    Question for anyone who can answer please

    Hey guys....

    We recently purchased a two box lot of UD Glass from EBAY.

    We had a great pull. It was a Kobe/Kidd dual jersey numbered to 50. Sadly, however, it was torn noticably on the left sdie. So we sent it back into Upper Deck. With only a limited quanity, what do you think I will recieve in compensation? A card of equal value, better, or worse?

    Thanks a lot for your time guys


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    You will receive the same card back. UD simply makes a new card with the same serial number and destroys the one you sent in. Hope this helps.


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    Hard to tell, UD usually sends what ever they want or think is a good replacement. It will take a while though, Let us know what you get and how long it takes. I'm still waiting on a replacement for a Hockey redemption from last December.

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    Kobe/Kidd dual jersey numbered to 50


    I'd like one please that would be neat!

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    You'll get another jersey card, I don't know bout Kobe though.

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    yeah they probably will send you something similar to that.

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