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    Card Store...

    Did someone buy the Nomar RC?....If so, who did?

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    Re: Card Store...

    Originally posted by cbethun1
    Did someone buy the Nomar RC?....If so, who did?
    Yeah somebody did buy it. That's why it has a 1 next to the total # sold.

    stkmtimo was the guy who bought it.
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    man...I was 16 points away from buying it.

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    There is still one in there. ;)

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    I'd just like to thank BGray for the great card. It's a gem and a centerpiece to my collection. Thanks BGray and the mod team!


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    cbethun1 -- I believe there is still one in the store.

    Good luck

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    Heyas Tim and congrats on your newest card there. I am sure that it will be a great part of your collection for time to come. :)


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    thats what i was looking for but i have not been a member near long enoughi have some cash but not much might go ahead and buy an italic name seeing as i dont see my self getting enough for the vick maybe there will be another lottery sometime

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