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Thread: Worsts Pro Team??

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    Worst Pro Team??

    What is your choice for worst pro team?? Mine goes to the Bengals they are horrible and have the worst scouting, management, coaching, ownership and just a horrific record!!

  2. Kronozio
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    It's a tie between the Bengals and the Devil Rays. Both teams are just horrible to watch.

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    I know little about FB and BKB and don't even know what sport the Sabres are. So my pick has to go to the Devil Rays.
    They may have a little talent but they are by far the worst team in baseball.

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    The Bungles get my vote. It's just career suicide anymore going there, no matter what position you play.

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    I would say the Devil Rays right now due to their poor management. But this may change after or in the middle of the season thanks to Pinella.

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    Don't forget about the Tigers. They can be playing well and blow the game like it was nothing else.

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    The Bengals finally win something to bad it's my vote for the worst team lol........

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