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Thread: My Hopes & Dreams Died Tonight

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    My Hopes & Dreams Died Tonight

    this ended and i bidded but didnt win, i was going 350 w/shipping and it wasnt enough.

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    Too bad, that looks like a nice lot! I'm personally suprised it went that high.


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    Holy ****. Even thoguh I dont even collect football.. that is a nice lot. But even if it were baseball... i dont have nearly enoiguh $$$ for that.

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    i wish i could find a milton bradley lot like that. the thing is he doesnt have any game used cards out does anyone know if any companies are comming out with his gu stuff?

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    Although you didn't win... be happy that you're $350 richer and didn't have that money invested in a Bungle... I mean Bengle :)

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    That looked like some kind of lot.
    Too bad you didn't win but at least you still have your money.

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    I'm really surprised it went that much, considering the fact Chad Johnson isn't a star WR.


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    It's a nice lot nonetheless. Too bad you didn't win it, maybe next time.


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