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    Post Juwan Howard signs with the Magic

    He has agreed to a 5 year deal worth $28 million.

    I never thought this guy was thought good and ESPECIALLY not for that $100+ million contract he signed years ago.

    Its really sad when average players start making that kind of money.

    This deal will help the Magic a bit as Tmac has somebody else on the team but I don't think they will get up to the Pistons or Nets level in the East.
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    I dont think Howard will do much for the Magic besides rebound. Now where does Drew Gooden fit in now that Howard is there???

    Magic will again mainly use T-Mac and a little bit of Darrell Armstrong as there scorers, but i just dont see Howard racking up all that many points as a member of the Magic.

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    That's a good question berg... Drew really matured as the season went on and had a pretty decent playoffs. Juwan will be good for T-Mac though as a big physical player that can create seperation for T-Mac from shotblockers.

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    T-Mac is your typical above average player.

    He's got a good, reliable stroke from about 15 foot (not many guys hit the mid-range jumpers; most jack up 3-pointers like Antoine Walker, or else slam the ball like Shaq).

    He's a fairly good defender and rebounder.

    But he's not even worth this $28M contract when he was in his prime.

    And that $108M contract he got ----- man, what a farking ripoff.

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