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    What does your account name mean?

    what does your acct name stand for?
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    Mine stands for truth, justice and ... wait, that's Superman. Scratch that.
    In HOCKEY ... Looking for great patches of Islanders' Mike Bossy, Brian Trottier, Denny Potvin and Clark Gillies. Also looking for Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe autos and GU.

    In BASEBALL, looking for Tom Seaver, David Wright, Ike Davis and HOFers.
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    mine is LSUsg. LSU for louisiana state uni. & sg initials for my first and last name

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    Back in my early 20's I used to work at a bar and this is also my dogs name.

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    Well the Sweet MFN Lou is actually my nickname from high school. The MFN stands for Mother F***ing and the 22 is for the Best Running back ever to play the game of football, Emmitt Smith and it's also my Birthday Oct. 22nd.
    I collect Emmitt Smith jersey and autograph cards

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    schwood is a second nickname some people have called me.

    My last name is Woodward, which obviously became Woody. But that was what all my brothers were called. So some of my friends started calling me schwood.
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    I collect Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and UNH Hockey and Football Players (Base/Inserts/GU/AU)
    My PC NFT is exactly that, Not For Trade! It is for show only. So, please don't ask!
    I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside of the US. Even Canada rates are way too high!

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    Mine is a reference to the band nine inch nails.. I've used it only since around 1993

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    I am a fan of the Dayton Flyers :)
    Cincinnati Reds Autographed and GU Memorabilia & Anything Dayton Flyers Basketball
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    mine relates to Cristiano Ronaldo, the number 7 was his jersey at Manchester United, and works pretty well as an obscured letter "r"

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