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Thread: 78-79 Topps Lot!!

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    78-79 Topps Lot!!

    Is anyone looking for any 78-79 Topps series basketball cards. I found a lot of 35 while going through some old 700ct storage boxes up in the attic. I dont collect basketball at all and I would be willing to get rid of them in your favor...All cards are in Ex+ condition and Walton, Maravich, King , and Edwards are included in the lot. Just pm me or email me if anyone is interested!

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    About what would you ask for them. Curious and love the old ones if not too bad shape.

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    gunzz, give me a 20 minutes or so and I'll figure out book value and what I would like to get out of them and I'll leave a reply here!! I really would like to get rid of them so I'll make you a deal!!

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    Gunzz, I pm'd you with a price let me know what you think!!!!

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