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Thread: Upper Deck NPNs/tips?

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    Upper Deck NPNs/tips?

    Someone clear this up for me. I had read that the trick is to only submit once for each card set offered. But is this submit one time for the period that the NPN is going. Or one time per offer per day? Another poster had said that it worked for them and that UD keeps track of people who submit more than one time.
    All I have done is submit once on each offer a couple different days. Is this going to screw me? Really want to cash in on some of these NPN's if I can.

    Does anyone have any tips to guarantee I get something? Is it worth doing the by mail ones or are those also a chance your taking?

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    You can only submit once per product EVER. If you submit for the product another time, you will be disqualified and result in no cards for that product.

    I've got recieved 4 since they started going online, 1 FB GU/AU, 2 FB #ed, and a BB GU. None of these were recent, but I just followed the rules. Eventually you will get something for your clicking...
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    theyve pretty much quit doing anything with NPN
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    i got one back a couple weeks ago new product is up and do it once each product


    ps i have got around 15 cards from ud over the years::: mail in only 5 all topps and only inserts and rc

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolafan33 View Post
    Can anyone explain to me what NPN is?
    No Purchase Necessary in other words you done have to pay just submit your entry.

    And I think it's 1 per day per set unless they changed the rules. I got one last year and I know I try everyday when I remember.
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