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Thread: My Wantlist - Help! :o)

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    My Wantlist - Help! :o)

    Alrighty, listed below are the players/specifics I am looking for, please reply or PM me. Hopefully we can work a deal out.

    ANY Game Used
    ANY Autographs
    ANY Refractors
    ANY Serial Numbered/Short Print Cards
    OF Amos Zereoue and/or Avon Cobourne


    Also looking for the following Ron Dayne's...

    ANY Autographs

    2000 Black Diamond #158 Ron Dayne RC (Jersey)
    2000 Bowman Chrome #172 Ron Dayne RC (Short-Print)
    2000 Bowman Reserve #8 Ron Dayne RC/999
    2000 Leaf Certified #238 Ron Dayne RC/1000
    2000 Leaf Limited #409 Ron Dayne RC/1000 (Jersey/Football)
    2000 Playoff Contenders #110 Ron Dayne RC (Autograph)
    2000 Private Stock #132 Ron Dayne RC/650
    2000 Revolution #131 Ron Dayne RC/300
    2000 SP Authentic #138 Ron Dayne RC/1250
    2000 SPx #150 Ron Dayne RC/2000 (Jersey/Autograph)
    2000 Topps Chrome #249 Ron Dayne RC/1650
    2000 UD Graded #161 Ron Dayne RC (Autograph)
    2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects #94 Ron Dayne RC/1000
    2000 Vanguard #142 Ron Dayne RC/762

  2. Kronozio
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    dont have any of those cards...buti looked at ur site and want ur mcallister postmarks jersey

    look at my site to see if u see anything else u like lmk

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    The only thing that really caught my eye was the Portis SPA Rookie. But that books $150, so yea... sorry bud.

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