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Thread: patch cards

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    Arrow patch cards

    that's right, still looking for all those patch cards out there (2+ color GU cards). PLMK what you have. Thanks

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    Lostandfound, do you have any Dan Dickaus for trade? I collect him, too.

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    Originally posted by L0stAndF0und
    i have a marc jackson 2 color shorts card. LMK-Zack
    Yes, I am interested in that. LMK what you want in trade

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    baron davis 3 color jersey (4 stripes ) let me know. look for a RC jersey of jefferson or a k-mart GU, let me know what youve got

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    I am interested in that. I should be able to get you a 2002-03 Fleer Genuine on the up game used K-Mart. LMK if you would be interested. If not, please check out my site.

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    got a tmac 2 color 03 sweet shot sweet swatches (blue/black) LMK if you are interrested

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    Im lookin for a nice jrich or amare in return..more towards the jrich but any amare's i dont have will do...LMK please

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    Sorry, I really dont have any of those. But please, check out my site to see if there is anything you like. Thanks

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