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    Need Finest or Imsperations Draft 'Cards

    i would like to see anything u have of the finest or insperations draft cards...plmk what u have as soon as possible...i will trade basketball, baseball, or email is thanks alot,-Ben

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    i watching it..take it off ebay and ill buy it from u strait up for 15.

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    I have these Inspiration Rookies (already redempted)
    Sam Clancy #0727/2699
    Bostjan Nachbar #1940/1999
    Curtis Borchardt #0509/1999
    Curtis Borchardt #1803/1999
    Frank Williams #2541/2699
    Chris Jefferies #1032/2699
    Carolos Boozer #1451/2999
    Tamar Slay #2311/2999
    Rasual Butler #2278/2999
    Pat Burke #0232/2999

    My son is looking for gu or autos in bkb and fb. Thanks Ray

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    scrwbal-i wouldnt be interested unless they were autographed
    unstoppable-what book would u like to be getting on both..i would think they would book #12=$10-15 and #22=$10..please let me know what cards u collect and what players u like..thanks alot,-Ben

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    well first you might wanna spell inspirations right ;)

    I have 02-03 Inspirations #40, derrick zimmerman.. would give $10 BV or sell $4 dlvd paypal, $3.50 dlvd other payments.


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    i have a finest pick #2( darco), it is 4 sale or trade lmk

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    i like it....idn think i have much of what u like..i might have a sports illustrated lebron james card i could give you with 10 dollars or sumthing like that..

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    sorry ben but the cards have been traded to somebody else....just proves that emails get to me faster...

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