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Thread: Looking for Lars Eller

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    Looking for Lars Eller

    need everything of his, please cmk thanks

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    just recieved Lars Eller BAP Rookie Redemption card today. The card is RR-289 #21/99 and is in mint condition. I am interested in your Crosby Parkhurst RC, LMK

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    i'm interested but not for the crosby sorry. thanks anyway

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    well the BV for the Crosby top end is $50, so I'd put in $10 paypal plus the Ellers card BV$30, LMK

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    yeah def not interested in exchange for the crosby sorry. crosby is pc really and that parkhurst card is in gem mint condition, i'm gonna have it graded. the eller is really only for pc reasons cause he's a dane and the value doesn't mean much to me.

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    nice attitude, not deaf, but good luck trading!

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    what do you mean nice attitude? you offered a trade, i said no thank you and sorry and explained why. don't think i could have been any nicer

    i'd be stupid to trade a crosby rc for lars eller sorry.

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