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    12's Customs TTM Success Thread

    Have recently started making custom cards for IP and TTM autos. This is what I got so far:

    DeTeri Mayes (Gmunden Swans, AUT)

    Steffen Hamann (ALBA Berlin, GER)

    Pascal Roller (Frankfurt Skyliners, GER)
    Steffen Hamann (ALBA Berlin, GER)

    Stjepan Stazic (Basket2000, AUT)
    DeTeri Mayes (Gmunden Swans, AUT)

    Rick Barry

    B.J. Armstrong

    Dan Majerle
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    just recently got the barry. simply love it. also got this with it:

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    I like the custom that you sent for the Barry! Best of luck on your mailings!
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    Great start, congrats!
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    thanks =)
    have sent the "inked" card to a couple of players. hoping to get a nice set!

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    got germany's national team PG Pascal Roller today!

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    got austria's leading scorer on the NT a couple of days ago! also sent 2 free tickets

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    got Dan Majerle and some more Euro Ballers lately!!

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