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Thread: anthony thomas/chris chambers

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    Cool anthony thomas/chris chambers

    looking for anthony thomas auto's or game used..

    also looking for auto's or game used of Chris Chambers..

    thanks let me know what you are looking for in return and dont pay to much attention to my site as i havent messed with it in a month and i have added lots of game used/autos to my collection..thanks again chris

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I got a new chambers game used commin in and jsy commin in

    I forgot the years and all that as i always do. I believe the chambers mask was outta the new elite though #/400

    You got any dayne, packer, or randel el game used.

    OR just something that i could trade or would catch my eye :D Cuz ima owe rima big for all those daynes


    I also have a 01 honors thomas jsy RC
    and a thomas auto psa 9.. regular auto books at 150

    If interested in those it would have to be packer memorabilia or vintage.. those are my dads.. unless i cna get them outta him.


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