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Thread: Rasho out, Kandi-Man in

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    Rasho out, Kandi-Man in

    The Spurs signed T-Wolves free agent Rasho Nesterovic to a 6 year deal, and to replace him, the Wolves are on the verge of signing Kandi-Man(Michael Olokandi) to a similiar deal.

    I think that is a good move for both teams, a change of scenery will hopefully revamp both there careers.

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    Not a bad move for the Wolves. They shook a few things up this year, now maybe they'll compete at a higher level.

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    This is a much better move for the Wolves; Olowakandi hasn't shown the consistency nor the conscience to be a supersat

    When he found out last year the Clippers didn't want to re-sign him yet, he sulked throughout the season -- that is very unprofessional.

    But, if he decides he wants to play, he's not that bad a player, and certainly more effective than Rasho, who's just too soft of a player, despite his height.

    I don't see how Spurs benefit, b/c any big guy in the NBA can overpower Rasho

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    yah, im not getting this either
    who would rather have rasho, than olowikandi....and for less

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    Rasho is awfully soft of a player for a Center, plus the Spurs signed him to a huge 6 year deal(way too high for him).
    Kandi-Man got a much more reasonable deal for only 3 years.

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