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    Question Best sleeper sets(track record) ????????

    This year in baseball had so many breakout players/ hype, etc.

    But thier Rc's are from like 98- 00 etc.. B.Hart,Blalock,Baldelli,B.Phillips,N.johnson a Bunch!!

    What set/sets are the best for Quality,Player selection, Minus the insert/G.U hype etc..

    And does this cross-over into Hcky,Fottball(as far as set quality)??

    any input greatly appreciated!!

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    UD 40 Man...I like full rosters and I'm not a big fan of the Topps Total set.

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    I will look into that, Thanks!!

    I'm getting kinda tired of buying boxes for Quality, only to find out the quality doesn't include that years real Rc. crop, or the greatest variety!!

    Specially with the current downturn of G.U. I'm going back to True Rookie cards first, then the gimmick cards(which are nice, just a crapshoot..IMO)

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    I am not sure I quite understand what you are asking but I don't like nor have I ever bought the Topps Total and UD 40-Man sets.
    I like smaller sets which is one reason I used to collect collector's choice. The '98 set was I think just 530 cards and the '97 was about that. The UD Choice '99 set was only 155 cards. lol
    I bought a retail box once and got the full set. I would never collect a set that had over 1000 cards in it. That is just way too big.

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    Quality sets IE: Good Rc. selection, High quality cards, without paying a premium for the G.U etc..

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    I here a lot of people like Bowman. That's where you find the most rookies.

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    The good part about them is aren't they $1 a pack?
    Just the Collector's Choice used to be.
    And now they don't make them anymore.

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    I will check into Bowmans collectability(hobby strength)Thanks!!!

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    bowman is reasonably priced when compared to some of UD and fleer products, usually it is pretty fun to collect and the future value usually pays off. those who bought 97, 99, 00, and 01 bowman know this, and 98 was an off year and still pretty good

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