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Thread: WTTF Auto Cards L@@K

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    Post WTTF Auto Cards L@@K

    Hey gang, I am looking to trade for Football Autos - Check out my Tradelist and lmk what autos you have for trade :)


    Tim Couch 2002 Playoff "Piece of the Game" Jersey #POG-53 (White Swatch) Bv $15.00

    Tim Couch 2001 UD Game Gear Jersey #TC-J (Brown)

    Tim Couch 2001 SP Authentic "Stat Jersey" (White) #SP-TC #'d 1014/1483

    Kevin Johnson 2002 Playoff "Piece of the Game" GU Pants #POG-33 (White)

    Kevin Johnson 2000 Fleer "Feel the Game" GOLD #'d 41/50

    Kevin Johnson 2001 Fleer Premium "Premium Performers" Jersey #'d 730/900 (Brown/White)

    David Boston 2001 Playoff Preferred "Preferred Materials" Jersey #50 #'d 569/600 (Red Swatch)

    Frank Wycheck / Wesley Walls 2000 Stadium Club "All - Pro Competition" #'d 44/50

    R. Jay Soward 2000 UD Encore "Rookie Helmet" (Black Helmet Piece) #H-RJ

    Curtis Keaton 2001 UD Ovation Training Gear #T-CK (White Swatch)

    Chris Chambers 2001 UD Top Tier "Home & Away" Duel Jersey White/Teal #HA-CC

    Kevin Johnson 2001 Fleer Ultra "Sundays Best" Jersey NNO (White Swatch)

    Freddie Mitchell 2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia "Rookie Premiere Materials" #169 Jersey(Green)+Ball(2Clr-L from NFL) #'d 184/850 (Jersey number is 84!)

    Drew Bledsoe 2001 Fleer Showcase "Patchwork" Jersey (Blue Swatch)

    Fred Taylor 2001 Fleer Showcase "Patchwork" Jersey (White Swatch)

    Mark Brunell 2001 Fleer Showcase "Patchwork" Jersey (Teal Swatch)

    Peter Warrick 2001 Fleer Showcase "Showcase Stitches" Jersey (White Swatch)

    James Jackson 2001 Leaf Certified "Freshman Fabric" #125 #'d 51/400 (Brown Swatch + Ball Swatch)

    Sage Rosenfels 2001 Leaf Certified "Freshman Fabric" #145 #'d 71/400 50% Red & 50% White Paint Jersey Piece + Ball Swatch

    Keith Poole 2001 Pacific Private Stock "Game Worn Gear" #53 (Black Swatch)

    E. G. Green 2001 Fleer Premium "Clothes of the Game" (White Swatch)

    Eddie George 2002 Fleer Focus JE "Materialistic" (White Swatch) #7M

    Kwame Brown (NBA) 2002 UD Play Makers "Players Club Game Jersey" #KW-J #'d 9/350

    Rookies & Inserts


    Anthony Thomas 2002 Pacific Heads Up "Behind the Numbers" #4
    M. Robinson 2000 UD Ionix High Voltage #HV5
    Chris Chandler 1999 UD Ionix Reciprocal #R4
    Bobby Engram 1996 Pinnacle On the Line #9
    Rashaan Salaam 1997 CE Excaliber S/N 498/750
    David Terrell 2001 Press Pass Showbound #SB10
    Desmond Clark 2002 Fleer Maximum #208 S/N 112/250


    Akili Smith 1999 UD Rc #234
    Akili Smith 1999 Press Pass Big Numbers DIE-CUT! #BN9
    Danny Farmer 2000 Score Rc #302
    Ron Dugans 2000 Score Rc #326
    Ron Dugas 2000 CE MAsters Rc #210 S/N 49/1000
    Peter Warrick 2001 Score Select #265 S/N 195/325
    Peter Warrick 2000 CE Odysey Rc S/N 272/999
    Peter Warrick 2000 Topps Gold Label PREMIUM S/N 681/1000


    Drew Bledsoe 1993 Classic 4 Sport Plastic Card 1 of 66,000
    Drew Bledsoe 1999 UD MVP Power Surge #PS14 "Patriots Uniform"
    Josh Reed 2002 Topps Rc #354
    Thurman Thomas 1999 CE Fury Galvanized #139 S/N 223/500
    Jim Kelly 1992 Skybox Hologram #H1 "Cool Card"
    Jim Kelly 1992 Skybox TOTAL IMPACT #SP1
    Eric Moulds 2000 Playoff Momentum Generations #GN-21
    Eric Moulds 2000 Score Air Mail #AM9
    Sammy Morris 2000 Score "The Future Franchise" #FF20 w/Moulds
    Darick Holmes 1997 Donruss "Press Proof" Diecut Gold 1 of 500


    Asley Lelie 2002 Bowman Rc #147 x2
    Rod Smith 2001 Score Settle the Score #SS24
    Brian Griese 1998 Score Rc "Graded Bgs 8 NM - MT"
    Brian Griese 2000 Score Complete Players #CP21
    Rod Smith 2001 Stadium Club "In Focus" #IF12
    Rod Smith 2001 Score Select League Leader #252 S/N 232/325
    Mike Anderson 2001 Score Select Behind the Numbers #BN-12 S/N 107/297
    Terrell Davis 1999 Dominion Goal 2 Go #1
    Terrell Davis 1999 Topps Seasons Best #SB1
    Terrell Davis 1999 Score Settle the Score #8
    Terrell Davis 1997 UD Game Dated #82
    O. Gary 2000 UD Ionix High Voltage #HV8 x2
    O. Gary 2000 UD Strike Force #SF11
    John Elway 1997 Donruss Preferred Card Tin! (Has a dent on the front)


    Andra Davis (LB) 2002 Playoff Prestiege Rc #200


    Keyshawn Johnson 2002 UD Honor Roll Dean's List #DLW-7
    Keyshawn Johnson 1999 UD Ovation Curtain Calls #CC27
    Keyshawn Johnson 2000 Fleer Whole 10 Yards #4TY
    Keyshawn Johnson 1997 UD Proview #PV19
    Warren Sapp 2001 UD Vintage Smashmouth #S7
    Mike Alstott 2001 UD Vintage Matinee Idols #M2
    Shaun King 1999 Score Rc #233
    Shaun King 1999 Aurora Rc #142
    Shaun King 2000 Score Building Blocks #BB26


    Josh Mccown 2002 PS RESERVE RC #129
    Thomas Jones 2000 Score Rc #281
    Thomas Jones 1999 Stadium Club Rc #151
    Jim Plunkett 1994 Ted Williams Card Co. Path to Greatness!


    Kellen Winslow 2001 Quantum Leaf Century Season #CS-38 S/N 881/1000
    Jeff Graham 2000 Skybox Premium Star Ruby #16SR
    Robert Carswell 2001 Leaf R&S Rc #148
    Tim Dwight 1999 Topps Seasons Best #SB25
    Tim Dwight 1999 Skybox Premium Year Two #14Y2
    David Boston 1999 Press Pass Hardware #5HW
    L. Tomlinson 2001 Ud e-Card Scratched #E-LT
    Curtis Conway 2002 Bowman Gold #39 S/N 7/50 (Released)


    Tony Gonzalez 1997 Playoff Abs. Beginnings Rc #62
    Sylvester Morris 2000 Score Rc #293
    Sylvester Morris 2000 CE Masters Rc #230
    Michael Cloud 1999 CE Fury Rc #159


    Peyton Manning 1999 CE Fury Extreme Team #E7
    Peyton Manning 1999 CE Triumph Fantasy Team #FT4 x2
    Peyton Manning 1999 UD HoloGrFX 24-7 #N4
    Peyton Manning 2000 Fleer Metal Heavy Metal #6HM
    Peyton Manning 2000 Fleer Whole 10 Yards #6TY
    P. Manning / M. Harrison 2001 Pacific Dynagon Dynamic Duos #10 S/N 448/1499
    Marvin Harrison 1997 Fleer Ultra Specialists #9S
    Marvin Harrison 2003 Fleer Ultra "Award Winners" #8AW
    Edgerrin James 2002 Fleer Authenticx "Hometown Heroes" #14HH
    Edgerrin James 2000 Fleer Metal Hot Commodities #9HC
    Reggie Wayne 2001 Pacific Dynagon Retail Top of the Class #24
    Reggie wayne 2001 Pacific Dynagon Retail Rc #126


    Chad Hutchinson 2002 Bowman Rc #165
    Emmitt Smith 2001 Fleer Throwbacks #12TB
    Emmitt Smith 1997 UD Pro View #PV
    Quincy Carter 2001 Topps Rc #337
    Troy Aikman 2000 Aurora Team Player #A1
    Troy Aikman 1999 UD MVP "MVP Theatre" #M12
    Troy Aikman 1996 UD Team Trios #TT40
    Troy Aikman 1998 UD Choice STARQUEST
    Troy Aikman 1999 Score Complete Players #2
    Troy Aikman 1995 Pacific Hometown Heroes #HH2
    Troy Aikman 1999 UD MVP DRIVE TIME #DT11
    Troy Aikman 1995 Topps PROFILES #PF15
    Troy Aikman 1995 CC Crash the Game "Silver" #C7
    Terry Glenn 1996 UD Rc #8


    Dan Marino/Steve Young 1996 Pinnacle Double Disguise #8
    Dan Marino 1999 Skybox Premium Box Tops #7BT
    Dan Marino 1999 UD Black Diamond "Diamond Might" #DM4
    Chris Chambers 2002 Playoff Prestige "Inside the Numbers" #IN23
    Jamar Fletcher 2001 Fleer Glossy Rookie Sticker #427 S/N 38/2001
    O.J. McDuffie 2000 UD MVP Silver Script #81


    Donovan McNabb 2002 Fleer Authentix Stadium Classics #1SC
    Duce Staley 2002 Donruss Classics Beckett Sample Silver #29
    Duce Staley 2000 UD Ovation Curtain Calls #CC5
    Duce Staley 2000 Topps Own the Game #OTG12
    Hugh Douglas 1999 Topps Seasons Best #SB20
    Freddie Mitchell 2001 Score Rc #299


    Tim Rattay 2000 Score Rc #309
    Andre Carter 2001 Score Rc #320
    JJ. Stokes 1999 CE Fury Galvanized #135 S/N 480/500
    Marc Edwards 1998 UD SPX SPECTRUM S/N 164/325
    Saleem Rasheed 2002 UD Rc #254
    Kevan Barlow 2002 UD Honor Roll Sophomore Standouts #SSR-10
    Kevan Barlow 2001 UD Victory Rc #418
    Steve Young - I have a lot of 40+ cards to trade!


    T. J. Duckett 2002 Bowman Rc #141 x2
    Dusty Bonner 2002 Bowman Rc #260
    Kahlil Hill 2002 PS Reserve Rc #123
    Warrick Dunn 1999 UD Ionix #R55 Reciprocal
    Peerless Price 1999 CE 1st Place Rc #154
    Peerless Price 1999 Fleer Tradition Rc #293


    Ron Dayne 2000 Press Pass Paydirt #PD5
    Ron Dayne 2000 CE T3 Future Legends #FL5
    Ron Dayne 2000 Crown Royale Rookie Royalty #4
    Ron Dayne 2001 UD Proving Ground #PG20
    Will Allen 2001 UD Vintage Rc #243
    Tii Barber 1997 Pinnacle Rc #121
    Kerry Collins 1997 Donruss Preferred Card Tin!


    David Garrard 2002 Topps Gallery Rc #193
    Mark Brunell 1997 Pacific Brunell Set #1
    Mark Brunell 1999 Score Scoring Core #9
    Fred Taylor 2000 Donruss "Dominators" #D13 S/N 1042/5000
    Fred Taylor 1999 Topps Mystery chrome #M3
    Fred Taylor 1999 UD MVP Dynamics #D4
    Fred Taylor 1999 UD Ionix Electric Force #EF19
    Fred Taylor 2001 UD MVP Top 10 Performers #TOP6
    R. Jay Soward 2000 Score Rc #294
    Jimmy Smith 2002 Donruss Beckett sample "Silver" #90
    David Garrard 2002 Press Pass JE Rc #FD40


    Chad Pennington 2003 Fleer Ultra "Touchdown Kings" #11TK
    LaMont Jordan 2001 Sage Hit Prospector #P7 S/N 82/599
    LaMont Jordan 2001 Sage Hit Rarefied Silver Rc S/N 592/999
    LaMont Jordan 2001 Score Rc #282
    Curtis Martin 1996 Sig. Rookies #11 Autobilia
    Curtis Martin 2000 Crown Royale In your Face #17
    Dedric Ward 1999 Pacific Paramount Holo-Silver S/N 41/99
    John Abraham 1999 CE T3 Rc #198 S/N 233/500 SP
    Laveranues Coles 2000 Fleer Metal Rc #254


    Germane Crowell 2000 UD Proving Ground #PG7
    Sedrick Irvin 1999 Topps Finest Rc W/Protector #157
    Herman Moore 1996 Pinnacle #76 Trophy Collection
    Herman Moore / G. Crowell 2000 Playoff Abs. Tag Team Tandems #TTT-22
    Barry Sanders - I have a lot of (55) cards for trade!


    Bart Starr 2001 Stadium Club "Highlight Reels" The Ice Bowl #HRBS
    Jamal Reynolds 2001 Topps Rc
    Bubba Franks 2000 Dominion Rc #215
    1992 Proline Rookie Gold Terrell Buckley #9


    Chris Weinke 2001 Press Pass Rc #4
    Chris Weinke 2001 Quantum Leaf Retail Rc #203
    Dan Morgan 2001 Topps Rc #351
    Dan Morgan 2001 UD Vintage Rc #212
    Wesley Walls 2002 Prestiege Gold Beckett Sample #22
    Tim Biakabutuka 1996 UD Rc #7
    Mushin Muhammed 2000 Topps Own the Game #OTG20


    J.R. Redmond 2000 Fleer Metal Rc #266
    Jabari Holloway 2001 Score Select Future Franchise #FF-8 S/N 436/550


    Tim Brown 1997 UD Star Attractions #SA5
    Tyrone Wheatley 1995 Pinnacle SportFlics Rc #126
    Jerry Rice 1997 Donruss Preferred card tin! (Bent on bottom)
    Jerry Porter 2000 Aurora Rc #104
    Jerry Porter 2000 Fleer Tradition "Rookie Retro" #6RR
    Napoleon Kaufman 2001 Quantum Leaf "Infinity Purple" #135 S/N 5/50
    Charlie Garner 1996 UD Team Trio #TT12
    Phillip Buchanon 2002 Topps Rc #372
    Tyrone Wheatly 29 card lot (A lot of Rookies)
    Napoleon Kaufman 22 card lot (A lot of Rookies)
    Jim Plunckett 2002 Fleer Throwbacks "Super Stars" #4SS


    Marc Bulger 2000 Dominion Rc #229
    Isaac Bruce 2000 Crown Royale "In your Face" #18
    Isaac Bruce 2001 Score Select "Complete Players" #CP-15 S/N 330/550
    Kurt Warner 2000 Score "Building Blocks" #BB6
    Tory Holt 1999 CE "Excaliber" #X2
    Robert Thomas 2002 Donruss Rc #286
    Jacoby Shepherd 2000 Playoff Absolute Rc #225 #'d 2114/3000


    Jamal Lewis 2000 Bowman Rc #170
    Jamal Lewis 2000 UD Ovation "Center Stage" #CS6
    Todd Heap 2001 Press Pass SE Rc #32
    Todd Heap 2001 Stadium Club Rc #144
    Todd Heap 2001 Quantum Leaf Rc #241
    Edgerton Hartwell 2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Rc #172


    Terry Allen 1998 Topps Chrome "Hidden Gems" #HG5
    Stephen Davis 1996 UD Rc #31
    Stephen Davis 1996 Pinnacle Rc #178
    Skip Hicks 1998 Score Rc #250 x2
    Skip Hicks 1998 Topps Season Opener Rc #19
    Skip Hicks 1999 Pacific Paramount "Team Checklists" #31
    Trung Canidate 2000 Aurora Rc #117
    Trung Canidate 2000 Upper Deck Rc #250
    Laveranues Coles 2000 Stadium Club Rc #163


    J.T. O'Sullivan 2002 UD Honor Roll "Students of the Game" #SGQ-7


    Shaun Alexander 2000 Aurora Rc #131
    Shaun Alexander 2000 Fleer Rookie Retro #10RR
    Shaun Alexander 2002 UD Ovation "Standing O" #SO-28
    Koren Robinson 2000 Sage Hit "Prospector" Emerald #P11 S/N 157/999
    Koren Robinson 2000 Press Pass "Showbound" #SB4
    Moran Norris 2001 Dynagon Retail Rc #145



    Jabar Gaffney 2002 Bowman Rc #151


    Eddie George 1997 UD Star Attraction #SA19
    Eddie George 1998 UD Choice StarQuest "Rookie Quest" with R. Holcombe #SR27
    Eddie George 2001 UD Vintage "Smashmouth" #S3
    Eddie George 1999 UD Strike Force #SF3
    Eddie George 2000 UD Ovation "Star Performers" #SP2
    Justin McCareins 2001 Topps Rc #323
    Carl Pickens 1997 Donruss Perferred Card Tin!
    Erron Kinney 2000 Playoff Abs. "Rookie Reflex" #RR19
    Jevon Kearse 1999 Fleer Tradition Rc #282 x2
    Jevon Kearse 1999 CE Fury Rc #177 x2


    Daunte Culpepper 1999 Press Pass "Big Numbers" #BN8
    Daunte Culpepper 1999 Press Pass "X's & O's" #XO9 x2
    Daunte Culpepper 2000 Score "Building Blocks" #BB11
    Daunte Culpepper 2000 Fleer Showcase "AIR TO THE THRONE" #5AT
    Daunte Culpepper 2002 Flair "Franchise Favorites" #12FF
    Daunte Culpepper 2002 UD Honor Roll "Dean's List" # DLQ-7
    Michael Bennett 2001 Topps Rc #384
    Michael Bennett 2001 Press Pass "Showbound" #SB6
    Michael Bennett 2001 Pacific Ivincible "Afterburners" #12 #'d 704/2000
    Michael Bennett 2001 UD Victory Rc #402
    Travis Prentice RC 2000 Vanguard #134 S/N 60 of 762
    Randy Moss / C. Carter 2000 Topps "Dynamic Duo" Combos #TC2

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    i have a charlie batch sp authentic auto, let me know if you are interested in it

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    What do you want for your Taylor and Brunell jerseys let me know. Thanks Alex.

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    great_one_55, What does the Charlie Batch SP Authentic auto book?

    alexgaum, Do you have any autos or Tim Couch GU for trade?

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    it books somewhere between $10-$20, im not sure, isnt working for me right now

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    Have football autos and a couch game used. What is book on the Taylor and Brunell. Thanks.
    2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Tim Couch Jersey #POG 53

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    great_one_55, What do you like from my list?

    alexgaum, They book $15 Each "Taylor is a White Jersey - Brunell is a Teal Jersey"

    Lmk what auto's you have - I already have the Couch POG-53!

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    I have the following auto cards, Let me know if you are interested in anything. Thanks
    2000 Score Rookie Preview Dennis Northcutt Auto
    2000 Press Pass Chris Redman #15/100
    2000 Press Pass Marvel Smith
    2000 Press Pass Rob Morris
    2000 Press Pass Todd Wade
    2000 Press Pass Deon Dyer
    1999 Press Pass Sedrick Irvin
    1999 Press Pass Andy Katzenmoyer
    1999 Press Pass Darnell McDonald
    1999 Press Pass Ebenezer Ekuban
    2001 Press Pass SE Jesse Palmer
    2001 Press Pass SE Dominic Raiola
    2001 Press Pass SE Tommy Polley
    2001 Press Pass Dan Alexander

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    great_one_55, The Mitchell books $20 but i am looking for $25 because it is unique!

    alexgaum, Out of that list i can use these:
    2000 Score Rookie Preview Dennis Northcutt Auto
    2000 Press Pass Chris Redman #15/100

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